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Webinar / Developing mental health currencies that support system working

14:30, 9 June 2023

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Jun 09

    The NHS England Mental Health Infrastructure Team are working with the Pricing Team, the National Clinical Director for Mental Health, and system stakeholders to create a new model for mental health currencies. This work is currently in development and will replace clustering from April 2024.The currencies in development cover –mental health, learning disability and autism and children and young people.

    The new model will reduce clinical burden by using MHSDS data to group patients, including diagnosis, reason for referral, team type, and various patient reported measures. This will efficiently approximate resource utilisation, considering conditions and complexity factors in a person-centric way.

    During this webinar, attendees received a detailed update on work so far, the shorter and longer term aims and objectives. We also discussed opportunities to become an NHS pilot site.

    The hope for this webinar was to also provide an opportunity to those attending to input their thoughts and feedback to the team and contribute their knowledge and expertise from frontline services.

    Rob Unsworth   / Head of Payment Policy , NHS England
    Sam Stringer   / Deputy Head of Mental Health , NHS England
    Stevan Cirkovic   / Programme Manager , NHS England
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