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Event / Costing revolution summit 2023

09:45, 16 November 2023 1 day Online

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About this event

The summit primarily supports those working in costing but is also of interest to other disciplines with a connection to costing, such as clinical, information and management roles.

This event focused primarily on the use of costing information and the importance of working with others to turn data into business intelligence. Through a series of plenary sessions, the event supported practitioners to refine costing processes, collaborate with finance and non-finance colleagues and ultimately improve patient care.

Session content

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Oct 16

    The NHS is data rich, but it needs to be analysed, communicated and acted upon if the service is to extract its full value. In this session Rony will highlight the importance of good quality data and it’s use as business intelligence to support decision making. The session will also include advice and tips on working more closely with and developing better relationships with healthcare analysts/information specialists.

    Rony Arafin   / chief executive officer, Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts , and director of health insights, British Heart Foundation

    Having changed role from a producer of cost and activity data to a user of the data, Jenny is now looking at how data can be used to improve productivity, efficiency and benchmarking. This session will look at how using cost and activity data to look at areas like financial sustainability and efficiency can have significant benefits. The data can also be used to support benchmarking and even if it is only used to look at services within the same organisation it shines a light on productivity, highlighting possible areas for improvement.

    Jenny Richards   / finance and assurance manager , Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    Richard gives a brief overview of the EVO framework.

    Richard Sawyer   / Programme manager , One NHS Finance

    No slides were used for this session.

    This session will focus on how generating patient-level data more frequently can be beneficial to individual trusts and wider systems.  Panel members will share details of where they started in terms of PLICS reporting and where they are now before going on to discuss a number of areas including:
    • The barriers to local use of cost data
    • Ensuring timeliness and relevance of data
    • Using cost data for system decision making
    • The role of automation in data management.

    Gareth Jones   / costing development manager , Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
    Jenny Richards   / finance and assurance manager , Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
    Lauren Bevan   / director, Ethical Healthcare , and former healthcare accountant and clinician
    Jaime Diack   / head of finance systems and process redesign , Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

    Over the past year, the costing team at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust has undertaken a programme of engagement with a host of different services within the trust called #PLICSinPractice. The team has been working with different clinical teams to better understand their services and share with them the data and tools available to support analysis of their services and drive insights and improvements. In this session Gareth will talk through their progress, the challenges they have faced and the lessons learnt.

    Gareth Jones   / costing development manager , Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
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