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Event / Costing conference 2023

09:30, 12 April 2023 1 day In-person Leonardo Royal London City

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About this event

The annual costing conference provided the NHS with the latest developments and guidance in NHS costing, as well as increasing awareness of the collaborative approach needed to truly harness the power of data. The day included interactive workshops, case study examples, policy updates, and provided a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues and discuss key costing issues.

Please note: This event was under Chatham House Rules. Therefore the sessions were not recorded and are not available on-demand.

Session content

Apr 12
    National update

    This session includes the latest news from the national costing and pricing team and an update on the direction of travel for costing over the coming years.

    Ed Waller   / deputy chief finance officer – strategic finance and planning , NHS England
    Chris Walters   / director of pricing and costing , NHS England
    Using data to improve patient care – a GIRFT case study

    This session looks at a recent case study where data collected through the national cost collection has been used to inform decisions on service delivery for one of the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) work streams. GIRFT colleagues alongside the NHS England head of costing present on a pilot project focused on orthopaedics using PLICS to improve efficiency and evidence the impact of new pathways. The pilot aimed to highlight high volume, low cost (HVLC) procedures to aid elective recovery.

    Jack Hardman   / head of costing , NHS England
    Our patient-level costing journey

    The costing team at Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS FT has worked on a number of key critical workstreams over the past year, supported by successes in the development of a PLICS dashboards and the engagement of clinicians. The team are now looking to the future, with a view to adapting and updating the range of costing information available via their dashboards to support the Trusts financial and operational objectives. The team will be supporting projects including clinical service reviews, the GIRFT programme and sharing of costing information across the wider Cheshire and Merseyside healthcare system. In this session Carolyn and Nathan share details of their costing story.

    Carolyn Hart   / costing accountant and FSD lead , Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
    Nathan Christopher   / senior costing accountant , Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
    Workshop A – Using AI to identify clinical variation at Trust level and across the ICS

    This session looks at how Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust used Civica’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine Aurum to help identify clinical variation, opportunities for improvement and help drive transformational change. The AI engine identifies systemic variation in clinical data and can mine data in minutes, returning insights in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional data analysis methods. Amanda and Eve also explore how the technology and data have been used at ICS level to create valuable business intelligence, identify differences in approaches between Trusts and highlight best practice.

    Amanda Wharton   / head of costing , Sandwell and Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust
    Eve Saxon   / product specialist , Civica
    Workshop B – Mental health currencies update and discussion session

    In this session Sam gives an update on the latest developments on mental health currencies, the models under consideration and the timetable for the work. Following an overview of the work taking place there was an opportunity for discussion on how the developments will affect costing staff and the impact the work is likely to have on the collection of mental health services costs.

    Sam Stringer   / deputy head of mental health – infrastructure programme lead , NHS England
    Donna Pannell   / senior costing manager , NHS England
    Workshop C – Using dashboards to drive engagement

    Increasingly dashboards are seen as a key tool for costing teams to support engagement and as a platform to share costing information more widely. In this session, Naheem will demonstrate the dashboard they have created at Airedale NHS FT, talk about the process they went through to develop the dashboard and the impact it has had on conversations with budget holders and other key stakeholders within the organisation.

    Naheem Ahmed   / head of costing and systems development , Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
    Workshop D – How a holistic approach to data analytics and actionable real-world evidence improves patient outcomes, addresses health inequalities and maximises costs savings

    The potential of using your costing, benchmarking, and real-world data to reach evidence-based decision-making is becoming more tangible every day. Much of the data that can unlock huge benefits for healthcare providers is already available. And although collecting, extracting, and analysing this data should not have to be a struggle, in practice it often continues to be challenging. In this session, Sarah and Jason talk about how utilising LOGEX’s holistic analytics platform can save Trusts substantial amounts, whilst exacting long lasting change in standards of care and patient outcomes.

    Jason Dean   / senior consultant , Logex
    Sarah Blackburn   / real world evidence lead , Logex
    Building engagement to drive improvement

    At the start of the year the costing team at Barts Health NHS Trust faced significant challenges including having several vacancies, needing to replace its aging costing system, and the need to increase engagement. The team has risen to these challenges by designing, building and implementing a new, innovative reporting platform which has been rolled out across the Trust and has achieved external recognition within its ICS. Critical to this success has been the refresh of the Trust’s Costing Steering Committee which includes both clinical and financial representatives. The committee has guided the growth of costing at the Trust including the development of a 5-year costing strategy. In this session the costing team shares details of their reporting platform and the Costing Steering Committee chair highlights the benefits he has gained from working with the costing team and why he believes in the use of cost and activity data to drive value.

    Professor Finbarr Cotter   / consultant haemato-oncologist and chair of the costing steering group , Barts Health NHS Trust
    Alex Dimond   / inance manager PLICS and SLR , Barts Health NHS Trust
    Gerald Enuezie   / assistant director of costing , Barts Health NHS Trust
    Investing resources wisely within a health system and how cost and activity data can support system decision making

    We don't have permission to share these slides.

    At Mersey Care NHS FT, the trust has taken the approach of segmenting its population into groups with common healthcare needs and risk-stratifying these groups. This view has led to the launch of System P which looks at a preventative, predictive, precise approach to population, patient, and person in a joined-up intelligence-led system. In this session Wes will give an overview of the project and discuss how they are working to ensure resources are invested wisely within the health system to optimise the outcomes for the population. This approach will be most effective when underpinned by system-wide cost and activity data so Wes will also share details of work underway to join up and use data across the system to inform decision making.

    Wes Baker   / director of strategy analytics, economics and population health management , Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust
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