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Event / Costing conference 2020

09:00, 9 November 2020 In-person 239 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1EQ

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About this event

The Institute’s annual costing conference provided the NHS with the latest developments and guidance in NHS costing, as well as increasing awareness of the collaborative approach needed to truly harness the power of data. The event included interactive workshops, case study examples and policy updates.

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Nov 09

    Chris and Helen will give an overview of current costing and pricing work and the proposed future direction.

    We do not have permission to share the video for this session.

    Chris Walters   / Director of Pricing and Costing , NHS England and NHS Improvement
    Helen Laing   / Deputy Director of Costing , NHS England and NHS Improvement

    This session will look at the use of costing data, data quality, data cleaning and the future of the payment system.

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    Steve Gillett   / Deputy Director of Tariff Production , NHS England and NHS Improvement
    Martin Campbell   / Deputy Director of Payment Development , NHS England and NHS Improvement

    Gloucestershire Heath and Care NHS Foundation Trust won the costing award at the 2019 HFMA National Healthcare Finance Awards for their work on costing community services. This session will include details of how they have embraced PLICS and used it as a tool to work with clinical teams, managers and informatics to improve patient care.

    Lewis Adams   / Planning & Costing Accountant
    Iain Cockley-Adams   / Deputy Director of Adult Community Services , Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS FT

    Increasingly detailed patient-level cost data offers real opportunities to understand variation and provide evidence for patient pathway changes. This session will examine practical ways to approach costing complete pathways of care and the benefits of costing beyond organisational boundaries. Representatives from Kent and Medway NHS & Social Care Partnership Trust will share details of the work they have done to date to move towards an integrated approach to costing and the plans they have for a single costing team covering multiple sectors.

    We do not have permission to share the video for this session.

    Shelia Stenson   / Executive Director of Finance
    Victoria French   / Deputy Director of Finance
    Richard Brown   / Consultant Psychiatrist , Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

    Professor Matthew Cripps, Director of Sustainable Healthcare, NHS England and NHS Improvement
    Looking at value at the population level means understanding whole patient pathways. The NHS is one of few healthcare systems in the world that can build system-level financial information, which makes us one of the few with the optimal conditions to drive population value. We have an excellent starting point with a common patient identifier in the NHS number. We have increasingly robust patient-level financial data and we have models capable of providing system information. We also have learning from managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Harnessing these is the key to a high value sustainable health system and the finance community play a key part in this.

    We do not have permission to share the video for this session

    Professor Matthew Cripps   / Director of Sustainable Healthcare , NHS England and NHS Improvement

    What does a typical costing team look like in a small or medium-sized organisation? What support do costing teams receive from their organisation and others? This workshop will explore how costing teams fit into the finance department and the organisation as a whole and what can teams do to make the most of the resources they have available. Peter’s presentation is based on organisation visits to look at costing teams in a number of small and medium sized organisations and the lessons he learned along the way. This session is suitable for all sectors.

    We do not have permission to share the video for this session.

    Peter Fry   / Head of Income and Costing , Taunton and Somerset NHS FT and Somerset Partnership NHS FT

    In this introduction to costing session, Hayley will give an overview of how costing works in the NHS and share lessons from her 10 years of experiences of NHS costing. This workshop is aimed at those relatively new to costing or those that would benefit from an overview of costing and its role in the NHS. This session is suitable for all sectors.

    Hayley Ringrose   / Former Chief Financial Analyst – Contracting and Costing , Stockport NHS FT
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