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Workshop / Audit conference 2023

09:45, 16 March 2023 1 day

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About this event

This year's conference covered a range of critical topics, including system assurance, feedback of the sustainability audit, an overview of ISA 315 and 240, and the findings from the 2021/22 DHSC audit.

Mar 16

    This session will explore the latest developments in cyber security and provide insights on what audit committees should be doing to get assurance over their cyber security arrangements. We will hear about recent examples of how organisations have successfully prevented cyber-attacks and mitigated the impact of incidents. Tom will also touch upon the importance of staff awareness of cyber threats and what organisations can do on top of mandatory training to increase resilience.

    Tom Russell   / Non-Executive Director and Chair of Audit Committee , Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

    Erin will provide a brief overview of ISA 315 and 240, highlighting changes to the audit approach as a result and where auditor focus has changed for the year-end audit. Emily will then be discussing the benefits of the Auditor’s Annual Report, key messages from the value for money work to date and risk areas for the 2022/23 value for money commentary.

    Emily J Mayne   / Health Value for Money Director , Grant Thornton UK
    Erin McIntyre   / Senior Manager, Public Sector Audit Quality , Grant Thornton UK

    Robert White and NAO financial audit directors Anna Kinghan and Peter Morland will summarise the key points and audit findings arising from the 2021/ 22 DHSC and arm length bodies’ audits and relevant matters going forward.

    Robert White   / Former Director for Health Value for Money Audit , National Audit Office
    Anna Kinghan   / Financial Audit Director , National Audit Office
    Peter Morland   / Financial Audit Director , National Audit Office

    In this interactive session, Fenella will touch upon the factors that lead NHS organisations to thinking short-term, hindering ICS's full potential. Drawing upon the Good Governance Institute's experience working across the NHS, she will share key themes for better streamlining of structure and governance. Fenella will also highlight how audit colleagues can promote the adoption and growth of best practices.

    Fenella McVey   / Principal Consultant, Director of Innovation , Good Governance Institute
Occupational level
Band 2 to 6 finance Band 7+ finance Senior finance/board-level
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