Executive route

A fast-track route to an MBA for those working within NHS finance roles at bands 8d and above.

Who is this programme for?

The executive route provides experienced senior members of staff working within NHS finance (bands 8d and above) with the opportunity to achieve an MBA in just over 12 months.

What does the fast-track route offer?

Recognition (via evidence of on-the-job experiential learning) in the form of an exemption from the first 90 credits of a diploma with the HFMA leaving only one 30 credit module to complete before the final part of the MBA with the University of Northampton. You must apply for the final stage MBA directly to the University of Northampton, see costs in section below.

Access to an exclusive 30 credit module: ‘Delivering value in healthcare’.

A blend of face-to-face and online learning opportunities.

The chance to complete a module within 12 weeks.

5 weeks faster than the traditional route with the HFMA!

Access to exclusive leading-edge research opportunities.

Networking opportunities with other senior colleagues.

Access to the final stage of an MBA with the University of Northampton.

Awarded with an MBA within 15 months.

How will you study?

The course will be delivered online with input from our experienced tutors at pre-determined times throughout the course. There will be one face-to-face session in London at the beginning of the study period as well as support and input from the HFMA’s policy and research committee.

Learners will have full access to the module materials and tutor support, will submit an assessment at the end of their studies.

Upon successful completion of the module and assessment, learners can apply to the University of Northampton to study their executive MBA. 


To apply for the HFMA executive route programme please complete the application form in the 'how to apply' section below.

The HFMA executive route fee will be £1,650+VAT*. Other bursaries may be available for underrepresented groups.

The final stage executive MBA with the University of Northampton has a separate cost of £3,930* payable to the University upon acceptance to their MBA. 

*Prices correct for 2023/24 enrolments.

How to apply

To apply, click the 'apply now' button and we will send you an application form. If you have any questions relating to applications, study or funding, please click the 'ask a question' button.