Briefing / Update - Using AI to unlock health records

An update on the case study from 2022 which showcased work with artificial intelligence searching for information in unstructured data, and making it available to add content and depth to patient records.

06 June 2024 Fiona Boyle
1 CPD hour

In the original case study, researchers found that AI could use natural language processing to the attention of clinicians and clinical coders, enabling the structured data of the electronic patient record to be improved.

Three years on, the system is still in use, has been extended to additional service areas and is being used elsewhere in the NHS and abroad. A formal commercial product is in preparation to bring the benefits of the CogStack system to an even wider audience.

This update describes some of the areas where it is now in use, and the findings from the research team in patient safety alerting, inpatient coding and medication reviews.

The original case study is available here: Using artificial intelligence to unlock health records

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