Briefing / Summary of the NHS long-term plan implementation framework

28 June 2019 Sarah Day
1 CPD hour
The NHS long-term plan published in January 2019 set out a vision for the next ten years of the NHS. Further details of how these ambitions can be achieved are now being shared through a series of supporting plans and guidance. The HFMA is committed to producing summaries of these plans to support members. 

The NHS long-term plan implementation framework sets out the requirements on sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) and integrated care systems (ICSs) in creating their five-year strategic plans. The framework expects local systems to meet the end points set out in the plan but allows substantial freedom to respond to local needs and priorities. A support offer is set out alongside the framework, detailing the programmes and organisations that systems can call on as they develop and implement their plans.

This briefing highlights the key points included in the NHS long-term plan implementation framework and the next steps for the system.
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