Briefing / Healthcare funding in Northern Ireland - 2011 to 2019 (update to 2018 publication)

06 September 2022 Sarah Day
1 CPD hour

This briefing is an update to this report published in 2018, which analysed the differences in per capita healthcare funding in Northern Ireland and England between 2011 and 2015. In order to be comparable, we take the same base year of 2011 but extend the analysis to 2019.

The modelling and analysis in this briefing directly follows the methodologies employed in the 2018, report. It is based on a set of challengeable assumptions which are consistent with the previous analysis. It suggests that healthcare funding in 2019 in Northern Ireland is higher than England in absolute terms, but lower than England when relative demographic need is considered.

We present these findings as a contribution to the continuing discussion about relative healthcare funding levels. We are explicitly not stating that these modelled per capita funding levels represent what funding should be, rather we are presenting an exploration of modelled scenarios based on certain assumptions.
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