Using the apprenticeship levy in England

follow up to the survey report

Debbie Paterson

11 April 2018

The HFMA surveyed members on how much of the apprenticeship levy they expected to recover in its first year of operation.
Follow up calls were undertaken with some respondents to identify good practice as well as practical difficulties. 

As expected, there have been some teething difficulties in the first year of operation of the levy, and the associated digital account, for NHS bodies and training providers. 
There is no one way of maximising the use of the levy but good practices are being developed in terms of integrating the levy and apprenticeships into recruitment and development plans as well as contracting with training providers. 
Whilst recovery of the levy paid in 2017/18 is expected to be low, there is optimism that recovery rates will improve as the new arrangements become business as usual.

Using the apprenticeship levy in England

April 2018 (PDF 145KB)