Using patient-level costing as a tool to add value

Edward Gold

01 September 2021

MBA in healthcare finance
The final assessment for learners completing the MBA in healthcare finance requires them to complete a consultancy project on an aspect of healthcare finance. These projects have provided valuable research on a range of topics, which may be of interest to others.

The MBA in healthcare finance was developed in response to the scale of the financial and operational changes in the NHS. Financial acumen alone is no longer enough. There is now an increasing need for professionals who understand the need for quality of service and people management in addition to financial information. Graduates of the HFMA advanced higher diploma in healthcare business and finance are eligible for entry onto the programme. Further information on the range of HFMA qualifications in healthcare business and finance can be found on the HFMA website.

The healthcare consultancy project is one of three modules completed in the final year. The HFMA provided non-academic support to learners, supplementing that provided by BPP University. 

This summary, along with the full project, sets out research that may be useful to other NHS finance professionals. It does not represent the views of the HFMA.

In this project, Edward Gold, Head of Costing & Income at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, examined how patient-level costing could be used as a tool to add technical value within healthcare systems.

Read the full research project here

Using patient-level costing as a tool to add value

September 2021 (PDF 237KB)

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