Unlocking efficiencies with digital workers

Debbie Paterson

23 November 2020

Digital workers need to be part of any organisation’s digital armoury, and automation should be considered and championed at a strategic level in order to make an organisation-wide impact.  

NHS bodies work with a ‘vast array of IT systems’ that will need substantial investment in time and money to update and integrate. Digital workers are a relatively inexpensive way of integrating systems quickly to improve both the patient experience and the working lives of NHS staff.

The HFMA and Blue Prism have undertaken research on whether technology and digital developments are part of the strategic thinking of NHS boards. We found that while both technological transformation and the wider use of digital solutions were raised in board papers there was little evidence of discussion or focus on how the digital strategy would be achieved or any review of digital metrics/ KPIs. 

Most NHS bodies have senior staff championing the digital agenda but staff are often unaware of what that means for them. 

The briefing focuses on the role of digital workers as part of the solution for achieving technological transformation. Digital workers free up staff time to focus on the patient and can help NHS bodies achieve interoperability between IT systems. Those that have worked alongside a digital colleague are enthusiastic champions for their wider roll out throughout the NHS. The briefing used case studies to illustrate how the digital workforce is being used today.
Unlocking efficiencies with digital workers

November 2020 (PDF 659KB)

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