Summary of Integrated care systems: design framework

Sarah Day

18 June 2021

The Integrated care systems: design framework begins to set out how the NHS will operate within a statutory integrated care system (ICS). It covers a number of areas where clarity has been requested, such as how resources will be allocated and the roles of different organisations within the ICS. It highlights where there are consistent national requirements for all ICSs and where local determination of approach can be applied. There is still a substantial amount of guidance to come as further discussions are held with stakeholders and local systems. This will support detailed local planning and is likely to follow the presentation of the proposed legislation to Parliament.

The framework is clear that local systems may make reasonable preparatory steps in advance of legislation but should not act as though the legislation is in place or inevitable. The framework goes beyond the likely minimum statutory requirements in order to set out what is needed for ICSs to be successful.

This briefing summarises the key points covered in the framework. The original document should be referred to for the full detail.
Summary of Integrated care systems: design framework

June 2021 (PDF 260KB)

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