Research and Development Costing Special Interest Group briefing

14 September 2020

At a time when Covid-19 has brought clinical research into the public mindset more than ever, this briefing examines some of the issues discussed over the past year by the Institute’s Research and Development (R&D) costing special interest group and at a workshop held at an Institute conference in November 2019. 

This briefing introduces the different types of costing in the finance department and the R&D department.  It then goes on to discuss the challenges around identifying R&D costs, and compares the different roles of costing practitioners and R&D accountants, encouraging them to increase their understanding of the data they each hold and how that might support both areas of costing. Finally it discusses how patient-level costing (PLICS) data might support clinical research and quality improvement.  

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Research and Development Costing Special Interest Group briefing

September 2020 (PDF 92KB)

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