How do you align resource plans across the system?

Lisa Robertson

16 October 2018

The first briefing in our mini-series on system finance and governance issues explores how to ensure strong strategic system planning.

There is now a clear direction of travel towards collaborative working across health and care systems, requiring resources to be managed collectively to provide best value for the population. As health and care systems work more closely together, an aligned understanding of activity and finance is vital in developing a single plan. Recognising STPs are not statutory bodies, respondents commented that having a foundation of effective relationships and a will to work together across the footprint were essential factors.

Each health and care system is different and one size doesn’t fit all. However, there are some common essential ingredients to developing good system-wide finance and governance arrangements. This briefing considers the key challenges, shares experiences from across the country and draws out the top tips to help readers as they think about how to ensure effective alignment of their own plans.

The briefing is intended to be particularly helpful for health and care system leaders, finance officers, non-executive directors and lay members.

How do you align resource plans across the system?

October 2018 (PDF 933KB)

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