Financial sustainability – engagement pack

Hayley Ringrose

22 June 2022

Delivering long-term financial sustainability is not something that can be achieved quickly and is an ongoing process rather than a one-off plan, with a focus on delivering value.

Since March 2020, NHS organisations have been focused on the operational management of the Covid-19 pandemic. This, coupled with the temporary financial regime and additional funding, meant efficiency requirements were put on hold. Now there is a renewed focus on improving financial sustainability and a need to regain financial grip, while still balancing the competing priorities from operational activity, workforce demands and recovery from Covid-19.

This engagement pack contains a slide deck and accompanying speaker notes. Both documents, along with an accompanying HFMA briefing, are available to download at the bottom of this page. It has been designed to help finance staff engage with operational teams, clinicians and budget holders, to explain the importance of financial sustainability, and what their role is in achieving it.

It begins by providing an overview of the national picture, detailing what has changed in the past few years and allowing local context to be added. The challenges facing the NHS are covered before the focus changes to looking at opportunities and collaboration across organisations and systems. It is intended to complement rather than replace any existing local communication and training resources that are in place to support budget holders.

Both the powerpoint and speaker notes are for guidance only and can be amended to fit your own organisation and the audience.
Financial sustainability – engagement pack

June 2022 (PPTX 2404KB)

Additional documents

Financial sustainability - the essential building blocks

June 2022 (PDF 340KB)

Financial sustainability - engagement pack speaker notes

June 2022 (PDF 178KB)

Improving NHS financial sustainability are you getting the basics right

April 2022 (PDF 340KB)

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