Exploring the role of the NHS finance business partner

Andrew Monahan

28 November 2019

Across the NHS, finance business partners play a key role in supporting the delivery of safe, effective and financially sustainable clinical services. They also have a critical role in supporting the decision-making of the clinicians and operational managers with whom they work. 

Exploring the role of the NHS finance business partner explores the key aspects of the role and the skills required to be a successful FBP.

In partnership with FFF and ACCA, the HFMA has explored the role of the finance business partner.

In our briefing, which is based on numerous interviews with current business partners and those who they work closely with, we examine:

  • what a finance business partner is
  • the different ways it fits within an organisation
  • the various responsibilities they have
  • the skills and abilities required to perform well in the role
  • the key relationships they will need to develop
  • where the role may lead in the future – for individuals and the role itself.

The briefing includes a number of case studies that illustrate the various ways finance business partnering is helping both private and public sector finance teams offer more pro-active, forward-thinking support.

With a number of useful links to resources and training courses, the briefing is designed to help both current and aspiring finance business partners understand just how the role works, what they can expect and why it may be different to any other finance role they have experienced before.

Clinical and operational colleagues will also find the briefing helpful in terms of understanding just what to expect from their finance business partners and why they can be critical to the success of the services they support.

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Exploring the role of the NHS finance business partner

November 2019 (PDF 1921KB)

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