Developing sustainability and transformation plan governance arrangements

Lisa Robertson

01 March 2017

The aim of this briefing is to explore the emerging governance arrangements being developed to support the delivery of sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) in the NHS. It provides a background to the introduction of STPs, a review of emerging approaches and a view on what is working well, alongside a summary of the areas where further work is required. The briefing pulls together experiences into a governance checklist for finance staff and others to use in developing their own robust governance arrangements.

Since the announcement of STPs in December 2015, there has been much activity in establishing relationships and plans for each footprint. With plans completed by the end of 2016, the focus is now on implementation and action. During 2017 there will be a huge shift in effort as areas turn their visions into reality and transformation plans take shape in a financial and care context that is already very demanding

In order to navigate the many complexities outlined in the briefing and maintain momentum, governance models must to be clear, robust and flexible to support the fundamental changes required. The robustness of governance arrangements will be tested as transformation plans move to delivery mode and the public become involved in responding to consultations about changes to service delivery. A fine balance will be required to ensure that governance arrangements provide sufficient assurance, while helping to overcome barriers and ensure that progress in developing and delivering new models of care is being made. There is no doubt that this transformation is necessary and the challenge now is for the NHS to make system level working ‘business as usual’.

Developing sustainability and transformation plan governance arrangements

March 2017 (PDF 273KB)