Covid-19 guidance map

Updated 22 January 2021

Lisa Robertson

22 January 2021

We are seeing an unprecedented amount of communication about the Covid-19 pandemic and it can be difficult to identify the important information.

The HFMA has produced a Covid-19 guidance map which brings together the key guidance to support NHS finance and governance professionals as they respond to the current pandemic. This map supplements HFMA’s existing  NHS efficiency map and NHS corporate governance map.

The Covid-19 guidance map is split into six key sections: financial arrangements; financial governance; annual accounts and annual report 2019/20; fraud prevention; workforce; and further information on Covid-19 developments.

Six new links have been added, including news on the extension of the current financial arrangements and vaccination guide for healthcare workers, as well as a number of recently updated documents.

You can e-mail with any links to further guidance that may be helpful to include.

Covid-19 guidance map

January 2021 (PDF 694KB)

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