Costing seven day services report

17 December 2013

This report summarises the research carried out by the HFMA into the financial implications of introducing seven day services for acute and emergency care and supporting diagnostics in the NHS. It should be considered alongside the other outputs from the NHS Services, Seven Days a Week Forum.

There is a growing body of evidence showing the clinical benefits and service quality improvements from providing NHS services on a seven day a week basis. There are four main drivers for seven day services: reducing mortality; increasing hospital efficiency; providing easier access to NHS services; and ensuring patients receive the same standard of care regardless of the day of the week.

The findings in this report are mainly based on work done at eight volunteer trusts. They represent a fair sample of size and location. However, as they are all successful foundation trusts with an interest in seven day services, they may not be wholly representative of the wider NHS.

Costing seven day services report

December 2013 (PDF 320KB)