The HFMA's COP26 activities

The HFMA’s Environmental Sustainability Special Interest Group has worked for a number of years to highlight good practice in embedding environmental sustainability in the NHS and the wide range of benefits this offers. The goal is for environmental sustainability considerations to inform decision-making equally alongside finance, quality and activity measures.

As world leaders gather in Glasgow for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), the HFMA is taking the opportunity to share some of its recent and upcoming work, from members' stories to green pledges. We aim to provide some inspiration for you and your organisation as we reflect on what action we can all take to address climate change. 

A range of our outputs can be found below.

What the HFMA is doing

As an association, we have also made a number of commitments to ensure we promote sustainable practices in the way we work. Read the HFMA's environmental sustainability statement here. Read our green pledge here

HFMA green pledges

To mark COP26 we asked members and staff about pledges they can make to be more environmentally sustainable. Below are a selection of the pledges that have been made. If you have made your own green pledge and would like to share it here, contact

“I pledge to cycle more.”
- Caroline Clarke, Group Chief Executive, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust 

“I will aim to make as many Christmas presents as I can and will use materials I already have. The ones that I can't make and need to buy will be environmentally friendly and purchased from local shops.”
- Emma Knowles, director of policy and communications, HFMA

“I pledge to cycle more miles than I drive in 2022.”
- Rod Smith, founding member of the HFMA Environmental Sustainability Special Interest Group 

“Over a quarter of the world’s entire land area is used to graze or grow food for farm animals. It takes 3.2kg of crops to produce just 1kg of chicken meat. That is why I’m pledging to have five meat-free days each week.” 
- Peter Ridley, deputy chief financial officer – operational finance, NHS England and Improvement 

“Building on the 500 individual Green Pledges we had during the Summer, we commit to enhancing our cycling and changing facilities to encourage green modes of transport for staff, patients and families.”
- Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

“My family of four, including myself, pledge to be vegetarian Monday-Friday.”

- Craig Marriott, deputy director of finance, NHS Lothian

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