External contributor / Nicola Burnett

HFMA mentor

Having started her NHS career at Hull PCT back in 2008 Nikki has worked across provider, commissioning and regulatory organisations covering financial accounting, management accounting, capital and assurance.

Each role has brought its own set of challenges and rewards as well as access to new sets of colleagues and networks.

Currently working as an STP finance lead, CCG deputy CFO and FFF Value Maker Network lead, Nikki is passionate about system working learning and development, using the power of networks to deliver tasks that can at times feel almost impossible.

Having covered a whole range of roles prior and since joining the NHS, Nikki is keen not to be pigeonholed to a specific sector and has helped mentor various colleagues in forging their own career paths, matched to their interests and skills rather than what is often seen to be the conventional route.

Down to earth and straight talking Nikki is able to help break down problems into more manageable parts to encourage mentees to deliver against their aspirations.