The HFMA policy and technical work programme focuses on the key themes that we believe are most important to improving the financial health of the NHS, the services delivered to patients and value for money for taxpayers. They have been chosen to ensure that the Association focuses on the areas where members need most support and will be regularly reviewed and updated. They are relevant to all sectors within the NHS in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The themes are:

  • Transforming service provision: creating new models for the delivery of affordable, sustainable and high quality healthcare
  • Building a sustainable financial future: considering new models of funding and payment
  • Knowing the business: understanding costs and developing clinical and financial engagement and collaboration
  • Getting the basics right: delivering financial control and effective governance arrangements
  • Giving a national perspective: giving an overview of the NHS financial picture and contributing to the development of the NHS finance profession

To support these themes HFMA undertakes a range of activities, including briefings and publications, developing and maintaining our e-learning modules, holding conferences and webinars and responding to consultation papers. The themes are interlinked and several of the activities could feature in more than one theme. New projects are added to the work programme during the year.

If you have any questions or comments on the themes or our work programme please email Emma Knowles, HFMA’s head of policy and research:

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