Suzanne Robinson
Don’t be afraid to be creative
by Suzanne Robinson
30 October 2018

Suzanne Robinson, chair of the Mental Health Finance Faculty, talks about her career path and the influence being an HFMA member gives you.

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Emma Knowles
I’ve never had a career master plan
by Emma Knowles
01 October 2018

We spoke with Emma about her NHS career, her dog and the beautiful knitting she is famous for in the HFMA HQ.

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Jackie Chai
We are in a family business – just a very large family
by Jackie Chai
31 July 2018

Meet Jackie Chai who incorporates a clinical background in her NHS finance career.

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Andy Ray
Do what you think is the right thing to do and not what peers pressure you to do
by Andy Ray
06 June 2018

Find out why Andy Ray left Ford to join the NHS.

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 Rebecca Coldrick
It’s important to me that the work that I do every day contributes to society
by Rebecca Coldrick
02 May 2018

Meet Rebecca Coldrick, student representative of the West Midlands branch

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