Michael Dimov
It is important to find a common language and purpose
by Michael Dimov
04 November 2019

Having worked on the Carter review, Michael Dimov realised how important it is to have a good understanding of how finance flows in the NHS to improve the service. This motivated him to study for the HFMA diploma in healthcare business and finance. We spoke with him about his career path, his experience with the HFMA Academy and why finance should be at the heart of any service redesign.

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John Williams
NHS is all about people
by John Williams
01 October 2019

This month’s member in focus is John Williams, the newly appointed executive director of finance at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. John is a regular user of twitter sharing details of his work day and building a community. We spoke with him about his career journey and the power of social media in big NHS organisations.

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Mark Stocks
Believe in what the NHS does
by Mark Stocks
29 August 2019

Mark Stocks’ career in public service audit began after he graduated from university and wanted to give back to society. Now a partner at Grant Thornton UK, one of HFMA’s corporate partners, Mark is also a member of HFMA’s Audit and Governance committee. We spoke with him about the ways the HFMA supports its corporate partners and the importance of believing in the NHS.

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Debbi Wallis
You don’t always need a plan to progress
by Debbi Wallis
01 July 2019

After nearly seven years in healthcare finance, Debbi Wallis recently moved to operational management. She has both clinical and finance experience that support her in taking informed decisions in her current work. Find out how the HFMA is helping Debbi in her career and what is it like stepping ‘on the other side’ after working in NHS finance.

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Samantha Russell
Go and see the clinical teams in action
by Samantha Russell
02 April 2019

Samantha Russell, the costing finance manager at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, started working in the costing team when patient level costing was just starting to emerge.

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