HFMA coaching

HFMA coaching is an independent coaching service dedicated to healthcare leaders. Working with an HFMA coach will create space to build the clarity, insights and tools that you need to boost your performance and impact. One-to-one coaching sessions deliver key learning and insights that can be put into practice immediately. 

The HFMA’s coaches are experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in healthcare finance leadership. They will provide a fresh and honest look at what you’re doing, where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. With the help of an HFMA coach you can explore options, identify, create and review opportunities; establish priorities; overcome barriers; develop skills; change behaviours and improve performance.

For more information and to book your coaching sessions with HFMA contact: 

Tracy Smith
e: tracy.smith@hfma.org.uk
t: 0117 929 4789

All enquiries and subsequent coaching conversations are always treated in the strictest confidence.

'Finding some protected time, time that I initially thought I didn't have, has always saved time in the long run.'

Letsie Tilley
HFMA executive coach

What will I gain from HFMA coaching?

With HFMA coaching you’ll have access to a powerful tool that will help to build your skills, develop in your current role, progress in your career or navigate through difficult situations. It will: 

- Develop in your role
- Increase effectiveness
- Gain a new perspective
- Explore new challenges
- Build confidence
- Achieve goals

How do I choose my HFMA coach?

The process will start with an initial conversation to understand your goals, after which we will suggest a coach with the right experience, skills and tools to help you succeed. As part of the process, we offer you the opportunity to have a trial session. This allows you to experience the process first-hand, and to build rapport with your coach. If this goes well, your coach will work with you to plan future sessions.

How are coaching sessions delivered?

All coaching sessions will be delivered online. Once we have matched you with your coach we will send out information on how to access the online coaching sessions.

Can I book single coaching sessions?

You can. So if you need a shot of confidence before an important presentation; need a refresher or simply want to trial executive coaching, single sessions are an ideal way of accessing support as and when you need it.

Book your first session

To start your coaching sessions or to find out more about HFMA coaching contact Tracy Smith, e: tracy.smith@hfma.org.uk or t: 0117 929 4789

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