Executive coaching: one of the most effective ways to develop exceptional leaders

by Claire Merrick

01 December 2015

Whether you’re a Chief Financial Officer looking for someone to bounce ideas off, or an NHS manager that wants to develop your leadership skills, HFMA coaching can help significantly improve your career development.

It’s the only independent coaching service for senior healthcare finance professionals which supports and guides you through the demands that you’re facing today.

Executive Coaching is now recognised – both in the public and private sectors – as one of the most effective ways to develop exceptional leaders. Choosing to work with an executive coach is not a sign of weakness or failure. It’s a signal of success. Star athletes have long had a trusted resource to help them to reach their full potential. It’s a no brainer that Healthcare Finance leaders also find that working one to one with a coach enables them to develop their performance from good to great.

What can it offer me?ExecutiveCoachingChart

It can support you in many ways including:

  • Leading change within an existing team, department or organisation
  • Establishing and developing the finance function in a new organisation and building on your leadership and management skills
  • Developing a more strategic perspective after promotion to a senior role
  • Developing partnerships with clinicians/other organisations and a greater appreciation of the healthcare sector
  • Getting up to speed and succeeding in a new role


98% of the healthcare finance leaders using HFMA’s Executive Coaching Service have rated their one to one sessions as excellent or very good.

The service, launched in 2014 is the only independent coaching service for Healthcare finance leaders. HFMA Coaching offers the support you need to succeed.


Why not book a taster session? Contact Claire Merrick to book.

To find out more about HFMA's Executive Coaching Service please email or telephone 0117 938 8359.

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