Executive coaching and change management

by Letsie Tilley

16 January 2018

Executive coaching is proven to have many benefits including support in managing change in your organisation, building successful partnerships and to overcoming daily challenges. In this series of short blogs, we are asking our coaches why do they think coaching can benefit senior finance professionals. Letsie Tilley discusses why change management can be a prompt to seek coaching.

The NHS has always been a place of continuous, unrelenting change. The upside is that it is never boring and often fun, exciting and rewarding; the downside is that it can become frustrating, all-embracing and energy-sapping. Even more so, when you are dealing with all your normal workload and the change management issues on top and... 

- You think you can’t afford to take time out as it will put you under even more pressure
- Your support mechanisms at both work and home can feel over-stretched
- Your vision and judgement can become blurred, when tiredness kicks in
- Objectives can become confused as goal posts are constantly shifted
- Communications breakdown, leading to mixed messages and costly mistakes
- Performance targets are missed, followed by a blame game and defensive behaviours

Coaching can help develop your capacity to deal with change and function more effectively by:

- Providing a confidential and supportive relationship in which to reflect on and discuss the work-related issues which are most important to you; deciding what goals you want to achieve and their delivery
- Enabling you to take time away from the routine work issues, to develop strategies to deal with the bigger, more volatile issues.
- Helping you to develop greater personal awareness (of thoughts, feelings, and behaviour) to enhance your leadership skills
- Improving your work/life balance

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