Coaching to triumph over fear

by Chris Brown

08 February 2018

When NHS finance professionals get their first finance director or chief finance officer role, they quite rightly feel really proud of their achievement. It feels great to have finally reached the ‘top of their professional tree’. However, this feeling of pride is often overtaken by feelings of trepidation!! Many think: “I don’t feel like an FD. I might get found out”. Or “I feel junior to other CFOs who are more experienced than me.” These feelings can motivate finance professionals to look for a suitably experienced executive coach. 

Without question, a good coach, who is a good fit, will help you quickly develop into your new role. People often want to share their perspectives with their coach, to check out that they are on the right lines. It builds confidence to discover that your perceptions, based on your experience to date, are absolutely valid. You haven’t gone stupid overnight just because you’ve got a new job tile and have taken on a different role. 

And what about HFMA’s role in this? HFMA has an executive coaching service, specifically designed to support finance directors and chief finance officers working in healthcare across the UK. This service takes time to completely understand your requirement and matches you with the most suitably experienced coach. 

Get 10% coaching contracts for a limited time, until 28 February. Contact or call Claire on 0117 938 8359. 

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