Coaching gives you time to think

by Pam Dyson

21 March 2018

HFMA executive coach, Pamela Dyson, explores why needing time to think is a perfect reason to seek coaching.

Senior NHS finance professionals are expected to arrive in post with strong technical skills and knowledge, an interest in the context that they’re working in, a kit-bag of leadership and management tools and a desire to make a difference. Interviewers rarely ask: “Do you allow time for thinking? Can you describe a time when thinking had a positive effect on a problem or situation that you were experiencing in the workplace?'

The life of an NHS finance leader and manager runs at high speed, it can be an exhausting round of meetings, discussions, problems, plans, regulation, reports, difficult situations, decisions, targets. It sometimes feels as though there is no time to step off the treadmill. But does this way of working enable us to be the best that we can be?

Developing our ability to think is important. If we are intentional about learning from our experiences it’s easier to achieve faster, better results. It’s possible to develop ‘reflective thinking’ skills on your own but many leaders and managers choose to work with a coach. A coach provides a confidential, off-line space, away from the day job. Coaching encourages us to consider issues from other perspectives; to increase our self- awareness; to set and work towards specific goals. Whether you are looking for a flash of brilliance or a sustainable approach to problem solving it may be time to consider coaching.

To celebrate international women’s day, Pam worked with Claire Merrick, coaching and mentoring services manager to explore how coaching and mentoring is supporting the career development of women leaders in NHS finance. Find out who inspired our female role models.

To find out more about coaching, visit our webpage and arrange a call back with Claire Merrick.

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