Reasons for seeking coaching: Career Development

HFMA Executive Coach, Chris Calkin discusses why seeking a coach is a practical way to assisst your career development.

As people become more senior the decision about what the next job move should be becomes more difficult. It can mean a change of location having an impact on family and other commitments. Usually it has been sometime since last interview and then there is the challenge of identifying the right opportunity and the fear not performing well at an interview.

Coaching can help in two a practical ways. First it can help you to think about what you really want from your next job move. What are the issues that are really important to you in terms of building a career; where is it that you would actually like to end up. Secondly, it can help you focus on the skills that you do have and also to identify where you need to strengthen your CV.

Of course the right opportunity doesn’t necessarily present itself immediately but by identifying your career goals, coaching can help build those skills that will be required when the right job does appear. Coaching can also help by identifying alternative options that you may not have previously considered.

And if it is a while before the right opportunity does come up, coaching can help you to get the best out of your present role by identifying a personal development programme that enables you to build for the future.

Chris Calkin
HFMA Executive Coach

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