Reasons for seeking coaching: Burnout

HFMA Executive Coach, Jonathan Bowyer, discusses why avoiding the point of burnout is valid reason to seek coaching

Have you ever had the sense of being overwhelmed with your work? Reaching the point where positive stress turns into negative, demotivating stress?  The point where your health starts to suffer, sleepless nights increase and the quality of your work and relationships starts to decrease?  Have you ever felt burnt out?

The causes of burnout are numerous but coaching can play a key role in understanding, avoiding and overcoming it. Coaching; a series of one-to-one conversations focussed on you and your agenda, provides an opportunity to step back from doing and engage in the processes of prioritising, planning, critically reflecting and simply ‘getting things off your chest’.

If burnout is about feeling out of control, then coaching can help you regain control, re-focus on what is important and develop strategies for keeping on top of your workload. Often that includes finding different ways of saying ‘no’.

Its common for busy people to say they don’t have time to stop and reflect – but the busier you get, the greater the need to do just that. Working with a coach can help you to understand burnout and enable you to focus on strategies to avoid it and create lasting change. 

Jonathan Bowyer

HFMA Executive Coach
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