HFMA Executive Coach, Letsie Tilley, discusses why change management can be a prompt to seek coaching

The NHS has always been a place of continuous, unrelenting change. The upside is that it is never boring and often fun, exciting and rewarding; the downside is that it can become frustrating, all-embracing and energy-sapping. Even more so, when you are dealing with all your normal workload and the change management issues on top and …….

- You think you can’t afford to take time out as it will put you under even more pressure
- Your support mechanisms at both work and home can feel over-stretched
- Your vision and judgement can become blurred, when tiredness kicks in
- Objectives can become confused as goal posts are constantly shifted
- Communications breakdown, leading to mixed messages and costly mistakes
- Performance targets are missed, followed by a blame game and defensive behaviours

Coaching can help develop your capacity to deal with change and function more effectively by:

- Providing a confidential and supportive relationship in which to reflect on and discuss the work-related issues which are most important to you; deciding what goals you want to achieve and their delivery
- Enabling you to take time away from the routine work issues, to develop strategies to deal with the bigger, more volatile issues.
- Helping you to develop greater personal awareness (of thoughts, feelings, and behaviour) to enhance your leadership skills
- Improving your work/life balance

Letsie Tilley

HFMA Executive Coach

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