All you need to know about HFMA's Executive Coaching and Mentoring Services

1. Do I need a coach or a mentor?

When to consider coaching:

•When you have a fairly clear idea of your goal/s
•If are you grade 8c or above 
•When you are ready to devote time and energy to making real changes to the way that you work
•If you find it valuable to collaborate, to have another viewpoint and to consider new perspectives.

When to consider mentoring:

•When your desired outcome is more general
•When you want to explore potential career paths in NHS finance with someone who can reflect on their own career journey
•If you are looking for a role model.

We are always happy to work with you to explore whether coaching or mentoring are right for you at this time. Contact or call Leanne on 0117 938 8343. 

2. What is the length of a coaching or mentoring relationship, how often are meetings and how long are they?

Coaches usually work with their clients for six months, meeting once a month for around two hours. Mentoring relationships often adopt a more informal approach with mentor and mentee working together for around a year.

3. Do you offer one off/ single coaching sessions?

If you're looking for a shot of confidence ahead of an interview, presentation, difficult meeting or conversation then we would be pleased to schedule a single session with one of our Executive Coaches. You may be looking for a top up coaching session if you've already had coaching or a taster to try out coaching for the first time.

4. Is telephone coaching available?

If you would prefer to work with a coach over the telephone then we can set up a telephone meeting with one of our Executive Coaches. Some clients find telephone coaching more convenient with greater flexibility to schedule meetings at a place, time and space that suits your busy diary commitments. Some appreciate having no travel time or travel costs whilst others simply find it easier to talk over the telephone.

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