98% of the healthcare finance leaders using HFMA’s Executive ​coaching ​service have rated their one to one sessions as excellent or very good. This is what some of our clients have said about their experience of working with an HFMA ​executive coach.

“It’s been great working with my HFMA Executive Coach, he is very good and has a practical approach which suits me well as I am not very good at naval gazing. I work in an ambiguous environment and working with a coach helps me order me thoughts and work through priorities.” 

Chief financial officer,
North West Foundation Trust

"I enjoyed participating in the programme and found it really useful for my continuing development. It encouraged me to take time away from the busy office to focus on me and strengthen the skills we all require as finance professionals to manage the NHS machinery. I would recommend my fellow Directors/ Aspiring Directors to use it." 

Director of ​finance, 
North West CCG

"HFMA Executive Coaching is the best and most valuable learning and development opportunity that I’ve undertaken and I would highly recommend it. For me personally, it has developed and enhanced my skills around being an effective leader including influencing and prioritising. It has made me continually reflect on how, what and why we do things in NHS Finance and the importance of improving what we do on a continuing basis to ensure we deliver a high performing, forward looking and value based finance service within the NHS."

Finance ​manager,
South East NHS Foundation Trust

"I have found the programme to be extremely useful. It has helped me look at the way I handle situations, some of which have been challenging given the current financial context of the NHS. It has helped me clarify both my business and personal objectives, something that it is easy to lose sight of in the hustle and bustle of daily work. I’ve been on a few courses but found Executive Coaching an even better way to develop my performance as it was focused on me. It would be great if more people knew that this service was available." 

Chief ​finance ​officer,
South of England CCG

"I am new to coaching so wasn't sure what to expect. However, I have found the protected time invaluable in better understanding my personal goals and in refocusing my priorities. I chose a coach with a solution based approach who has been able to provide me with tools to tackle specific complex problems and improve my performance as a consequence." 

Deputy ​chief ​executive/ ​director of ​finance,
North West NHS Foundation Trust

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