At a time when the NHS is experiencing rapid change and facing new challenges you may be looking for new ways to facilitate and support major change in the atmosphere and performance of your team. Coaching can help you and your team by challenging assumptions; exploring new ideas and different ways of thinking and providing a different perspective.

Is subscription coaching right for me and my team?

If you are looking for coaching your team and perhaps yourself too, the subscription service offers a cost effective way to purchase external coaching. 

When should I use the subscription coaching service?

Enabling staff in your team to access individual external coaching provides a real boost to engagement and morale. An external coach is independent of organisational pressure and influence and is able to offer an objective perspective and guidance. Coaching can support you and your team to: 

  • step-up to new challenges
  • develop a more coaching leadership style
  • bring out the talent and potential of staff
  • plan for the future and look for new opportunities
  • enable staff to develop a resilient mind set and attitude.

How do I choose my executive coaches?

We’ll start by working with you to understand what you want to achieve for yourself and your staff through coaching. We’ll suggest a team of two or more coaches, including a lead coach with the right experience, skills and tools to work with you and your team.   

How are coaching sessions delivered?

Coaching sessions will be delivered on site and scheduled for specific days convenient to you and your staff. 

Ready to act?

To take action or find out more about HFMA subscription coaching service contact Leanne Lovelock on 0117 938 8343 or email