Today’s NHS

Working as a finance professional in today’s NHS is a challenge. How do you balance the demand for financial efficiency with the need to deliver quality healthcare to patients, safely? Whatever the answer, Finance professionals require a broader set of skills. Skills that foster collaboration, working in partnership and dealing with constant change. Who can help you develop these new skills?

HFMA Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are not the same and HFMA’s coaching and mentoring team will guide you to the right solution, the one that best suits your needs. Whichever solution you choose, you can be confident it will make a difference. There is growing evidence that both coaching and mentoring improves performance, increases confidence, and helps people develop new skills.

What is Executive Coaching, and who is it for?

Executive coaching often targets high performance or where behaviour change is needed. HFMA’s executive coaches are highly skilled, able to work flexibly and react quickly where time is at a premium. Usually delivered over a relatively short period of time, executive coaching is seen to work best for senior healthcare finance leaders.

What is Mentoring, and who is it for?

Mentoring describes a relationship where a more experienced colleague uses his or her greater knowledge and understanding to support your development. Every HFMA mentor is fully trained in the latest mentoring techniques and has extensive experience of working in finance in the NHS. Mentoring is often most relevant to emerging leaders/managers and project leads.

It sounds exciting, what do I do next?

The simple answer is talk to a member of HFMA’s executive coaching or mentoring team. Both teams are experienced and understand the environment you work in. Our solutions are highly personalised and delivered in a safe, confidential environment.

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