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Translating data

Translating data has been developed to help you better understand, communicate and use patient-level costing information in financial and clinical decision making, leading to the delivery of value-based healthcare.

We have loads of data but aren’t sure what to do with it”

Providers of NHS services have increasingly large amounts of data about their patients, with the roll-out of patient-level costing (PLICS) across the NHS. The challenge is how to make the most of patient-level cost data to support improvements in patient care and deliver efficiencies. The Institute has a series of toolkits to support members to turn the data generated by PLICS into powerful intelligence. The Institute’s support network allows members to share examples of how they have embedded PLICS within their organisation and encouraged clinicians to use PLICS data to support service redesign.

“PLICS data allows discussions between clinical teams and finance professionals to focus on individual patients. This is a powerful way to start conversations about how resources are used within a trust.”

“Health systems are starting to explore how they can measure costs across patient pathways which often go across more than one organisation. By linking data from different services whole care pathways can be mapped and measured.’’