The Institute’s programme is built around four key areas, which have been designed specifically to guide you through your costing for value journey.
Please have a look through the below and click on each theme to find out more. 

Confident costing

Confident costing is the first step, developed to help improve your costing processes, enhance your costing data and support you in the delivery of reliable and accurate patient-level costing information, paving the way for you to translate your data into vital business intelligence.

Translating data

Translating data has been developed to help you better understand, communicate and use patient-level costing information in financial and clinical decision making, leading to the delivery of value-based healthcare.

Driving value

Driving value provides examples and practical tips on how to match costs to outcomes, giving you the opportunity to deliver the outcomes that matter most to your patients sustainably.


The Institute continues to push forward and promote costing and value-based healthcare. This is supported by Institute-led projects which aim to challenge current practices and the existing culture. 

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