The Institute’s programme is built around four key areas, which have been designed specifically to guide you through your costing for value journey.

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Confident costing

Costing remains high on the NHS agenda and with the move to system working understanding the cost of delivering care is essential in order to allocate resources as effectively as possible.

The Institute provides a support network where members have the opportunity to discuss costing challenges with their peers, as well as share learning. Our wide range of Confident costing events and publications ensure we support both those new to costing as well as more experienced costing staff.

Translating data

Good-quality data is fundamental to providing the right care to the right patient in the right place. Patient-level costing information plays an integral part in the decisions that need to be made across pathways, organisations and systems. The challenge is how to make the most of patient-level cost data to support improvements in the delivery of care and to support system leaders as they look to improve the health of their local populations in a financially sustainable way.

The Institute has a series of toolkits to help members turn the cost and activity data generated into powerful intelligence, while its support network allows members to share examples of how they have embedded patient-level costing within their organisations and systems and how they have worked with clinicians and others to use data to support service redesign.

Driving value

As we move to a more collaborative, integrated approach to designing and delivering health services, the question of how we allocate finite resources in a way to maximise outcomes becomes increasingly important. The concept of ‘value’ in healthcare is seen as a key lever to support this. Whether you are deciding what investments will have the greatest impact on your population’s health, seeking to optimise a care pathway or wanting to obtain excellent outcomes for patients, driving value is essential.

The Institute has a growing reputation for bringing together finance leaders, data analysts and clinicians to explore what value means for the NHS. Institute members have the opportunity to hear from those at the cutting edge – both nationally and internationally – and take back practical ideas for their own organisations and systems.


The Institute continues to push forward and promote costing and value-based healthcare. This is supported by Institute-led projects which aim to challenge current practices and the existing culture.

The Institute works with its members, partners and associates to learn from and share good practice in the UK and internationally. We are always looking for new ideas and opportunities to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of costing and value.

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