What’s the challenge?

The NHS is moving to a system led approach with STPs and ICSs all starting to make changes in how they deliver health and social care to their population. The impact and scale of these changes is much more significant than ever before because the number of people that will be affected by each decision has grown exponentially.

It is therefore fundamental that each decision not only involves a mixed team of providers, commissioners and local authority representatives but also a multidisciplinary team of finance and non-finance personnel who are able to consider every possible outcome of their intended decision before it is made.

The key challenges systems tend to face when making a decision are ensuring that all disciplines are involved and engaged in the process throughout, establishing a consensus on the key decision from the outset and prioritising enough time and resource to complete on time.

What does BPV do?

The BPV Decision Framework helps NHS systems follow a clear, structured decision-making process that demonstrates good governance and models different options based on value. The ‘value equation’, measured as outcomes over resources/costs, is used throughout to assess the impact of strategic and operational decisions within organisations and local health economies.

A BPV facilitator guides the key stakeholders for a particular decision through the framework ensuring every option is considered and the best value choice is identified. Engagement is a crucial part of this exercise and the facilitator ensures that all key stakeholders move through the process in an aligned and unified manner ultimately equipping them with the necessary tools to tackle future decisions as a team.

Please contact Institute@hfma.org.uk if you would like to find out more information or if you would like to be considered for this framework.
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