Using evidence-based interventions to improve clinical outcomes

Using evidence-based interventions to improve clinical outcomes

11 September 2019 at 15:00


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About this webinar

Healthcare is constantly evolving across the world as technology advances and our populations change. Although systems vary, the goal remains the same – to deliver the best possible outcomes at the lowest possible cost. 
In this webinar, we hear from Dr Amir Ghaferi, Director of Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Michigan. Dr Ghaferi introduces a new dashboard that collects clinical data on all patients undergoing bariatric surgery in Michigan. You will hear that by collecting this data, and comparing clinical practice, they were able to identify a commonly used process that caused more harm than good - the IVC filter placement. 1 year on, IVC filter use has decreased by 90%. It is estimated that an average of 433 Michigan residents are positively impacted by this initiative each year, as patients avoid a preventable procedure, spend less time in the hospital, and have a reduced risk of loss of life. This webinar demonstrates how value-based healthcare can help us to deliver better care more sustainably.

Why should you watch

Both clinical and finance audiences with an interest in value-based healthcare and evidence-based medicine will benefit from this webinar. Although we will be looking at a clinically-led case study, the data collection, analysis and widespread adoption of a significant change in clinical practice should be of great interest to finance, costing, data and management audiences as well. 

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