Costing with informatics

Costing with informatics

15 October 2019 at 11:00


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About this webinar

The purpose of this webinar is multifaceted. Firstly, it will provide informatics delegates with a brief overview of patient-level costing (PLICS) and why we cost. 
The webinar will then explore the benefits of multidisciplinary working between information and costing teams. Ella, Head of Information and Jaime, Head of Finance – SLR, Costing and Income at Pennine Care Foundation Trust will explain the ways in which they have worked together to enhance both areas of the business. You will hear how this has increased efficiency and how powerful the collaboration between costing and information has been for their organisation.

Why should you attend

This webinar is designed to apply costing to information professionals in the context of their roles, and to support informatics along with their costing colleagues in identifying opportunities to work collaboratively.  

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