Ken Hancott
Ken Hancott

Owner and principal trainer of Tarragon Training, specialise in the psychology of motivation.

With over 25 years’ experience in managing and motivating sales & marketing teams for global corporations Ken re-trained in psychology to fulfil his passion for helping people change for the better.

He studied at Regents College of Psychotherapy and Psychology in London and is a qualified Psychotherapist (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Psychotherapy, Behaviourism and also in Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Having been in private practice (psychotherapy) for many years he founded Tarragon Training offering training to private business and the medical profession that offers Positivity, Self-Empowerment and Performance benefits. Working closely with medical professionals within the NHS for over 4 years, he already trains around the UK at NHS Trusts, NHS England and University hospitals not only supplying personal & practical skills to increase motivation, but additionally teaching Motivational Interviewing techniques to professionals working with the public to become truly effective at changing behaviour and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Ken’s main focus is providing presentations and training that offer practical solutions to encourage staff wellbeing and resilience. Ken has a reputation for providing incredibly interesting, introspective and unique presentations, using the latest techniques from the fields of NLP & Psychotherapy and his many years of experience in motivating others, which delivers tangible results for those he’s trained.

The essence of his presentations and training is focussed on a unique view of a psychological approach to communication that offers much more than traditional communication training. Explaining the principles of both verbal and non-verbal communication skills, body language, micro facial expressions and highly effective techniques used in modern psychotherapy in his presentations.

Recently he has been involved with an NHS hospital Consultant working on a controlled and measure study of his training in order to prove the efficacy and longevity of the outcomes/benefits. The results were extraordinary leading to papers being published about the study day in professional journals.

After training staff at University hospitals their Training Leads have reported highly positive results from their teams’ effectiveness, which has given Ken an ever growing reputation for stimulating, knowledgeable and interesting presentations that have led to him being asked to speak at conferences around the UK, together with escalating recommendations.

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