NEPcloud: enabling easier, safer and more secure phone payments

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28 July 2022

Income is important to any NHS organisation. And when accepting credit card payments, it is vital to ensure that customer card information is fully protected and the process is easy to use from both perspectives, says Christine Hall (pictured), managing director of NEP Shared System Group.


The payment card industry (PCI) standard is not at the top of everyone’s agenda. Yet it is important to NHS organisations in terms of assurance and reduces risk. Quite often, when taking payments from ‘one-time’ customers, for example in relation to car parking or prescription charges, personal details are often taken over the telephone by a member of staff in a trust, often in a busy environment. 

It is likely that, during the transaction, the customer details are written down and read back to the customer for confirmation.  This is not a controlled or secure way of transacting.  The objective is to support General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by being PCI compliant, to protect the security of the cardholder data and clearly reduce the responsibility of the trust in terms of compliance. 

NEP Cloud offers this security and assurance to its members as part of its solution, removing the risk of any details being written down or overheard. Participating payment brands, such as Mastercard and Visa, promote and ensure compliance with PCI standards The payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) allows greater security and reduces responsibility as details are not held within your system infrastructure.NEP2022Logo L

According to Michael Davison at York Hospitals: ‘The decision to move to this solution was simple, to ensure York Hospitals was PCI compliant, making sure we could adopt the highest data security standards for the trust and our customers credit card data.

‘In addition, this is an easy and effective system to use with good integration into the NEP Cloud Accounts Receivable (AR) module, allowing our AR team to focus on building relationships with our customers and more time to deliver greater value-added activities.'

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