Experiences of working in the NHS and an ICU – with Meridian

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31 July 2020

In this webinar, hear first-hand experiences of the planning and execution of building an extra ward and scoping the medical requirements while working in an intensive care unit during the pandemic.

Earlier this year, NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens announced that Covid-19 has had the biggest impact on the NHS in its entire history. Across the country, NHS staff have been battling to find extra levels of capacity, deal with shortages in equipment, implement advice and guidance from various bodies and organisations, shift priorities and above all, work together to keep patients alive. 

Paid content portrait_meridian_204x307What we see, and continue to see, has been nothing short of heroic; but while we remain glued to daily numbers, statistics and graphs, behind the numbers are stories of each organisation and, within them, staff that have had to work during the pandemic. We want to use our platform to highlight these stories, as well as enable people to come together, understand different perspectives and most importantly, learn from colleagues in the NHS on how to deal with a future that indeed will be very different.  

We’ll be talking to Jonathan Coe and Martin Farrier, both at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and who have been working throughout the pandemic to deal with the effects of Covid-19.

We’ll be covering everything from their priorities before the pandemic, the calm before the storm, the big ticket transformation programmes that were being working on, while touching on the early signs, the need to find capacity, quickly, and the increasing rate of admissions. 

Further, Dr Farrier will be elaborating on the planning and execution of building an extra ward and scoping the medical requirements while working in an intensive care unit (ICU). We will also learn about their experiences working for an NHS acute trust during the peak, the impact of Covid-19 on workforce, patients, and sites, while discussing what their advice would be for other members of staff working in the NHS as we look to a world beyond the pandemic.

About the speakers:

Martin Farrier

Dr Martin FarrierDr Farrier is on the Specialist Register as a consultant paediatrician. After leaving medical school in London he initially trained as a GP, and then later as a paediatrician. The majority of his postgraduate training has been in the North West. He has been a consultant paediatrician at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) since 2001, and is fervently committed to providing high quality, family centred care for children. While Martin is a general paediatrician, he has particular interests in neonatology and cardiology. He is experienced in caring for pre-term infants and leading neonatal services. He provides the cardiac assessment for children at WWL, which include echocardiograms.

Currently he is corporate clinical director for quality and safety, and has predominantly worked on reducing mortality. He is enthusiastic in working to find ways to improve the care offered, and reducing the number of deaths that occur throughout the hospitals. The programme has reduced hospital deaths. Education has long been one of his passions. He is an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire. He has previously been involved in leading regional SpR training for paediatrics, and regularly lectures on paediatric topics. He is also involved in nursing and midwifery education programmes.

Jonathan Coe

Jonathan Coe is a transformation delivery manager, currently working for Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He works within a wider transformation team that is focused on delivering Service and Value (SAVI) schemes within medicine, surgery, specialist services and community services while working within the wider healthcare economy such as Healthy Wigan Partnership and Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group.

He has successfully delivered a wide range of transformation programmes that lead to improvements in the cost, quality and performance of care.

Muhammad Haji

Muhammad Haji - MeridianMuhammad Haji currently leads Meridian’s sales and marketing function. He is absolutely passionate and thrilled to be telling the Meridian story in new and innovative ways, while being an experienced project manager with a White Belt in Lean Six Sigma and being Prince 2 qualified (Foundation and Practitioner). He has also been certified by the Association of Productivity Specialists.

Having worked with over 20 NHS organisations to deliver productivity improvement programmes, he has:

  • Helped clients bring about behaviour change and deliver service redesign within acute, mental health, community and health and social care settings;
  • Led diverse and complex programmes with a wide range of management tiers and clinicians to collaboratively design new processes and management controls with the required buy in to sustainably improve productivity and meet KPIs;
  • Enabled significant ROIs of over 8:1 through cashed savings, totalling over £9m. 

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