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Latest episodes

29: A clinical perspective on the impact of Covid-19 (11 January 2021)

As 2021 begins with Covid-related hospital admissions rising at a rapid rate and the country in a new national lockdown, HFMAtalk catches up with Sanjay Agrawal, consultant in respiratory medicine and intensive care at University Hospitals Leicester NHS Foundation Trust, to discuss this wave from a clinical perspective.

Note: this episode was recorded on 8 January 2021.

28: HFMA 2020 preview with Mark Knight

In a special episode, Mark Knight, chief executive of the HFMA, looks ahead to the 2020 HFMA annual conference. He talks about what delegates can expect, what he is most looking forward to and the value of the NHS finance community coming together.

27: A conversation between Caroline Clarke and Sanjay Agrawal: part 2

Sanjay Agrawal, consultant in respiratory medicine and intensive care at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, and Caroline Clarke, group chief executive of Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, have a follow up conversation to their initial discussion earlier this year. They discuss how things have changed in their organisations over the last few months and how they are each preparing for the second wave of Covid-19. They also look ahead to the HFMA 2020 Annual Conference.

26: Cost improvement and efficiency savings across the NHS

HFMAtalk joins a discussion between three finance directors about cost improvement programmes and efficiency savings. Sarah Connery, Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Chris Sands, Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust; and Ian Moston, Northern Care Alliance discuss the impact of the pandemic and how this will affect efficiency programmes in the coming year.

25: The impact of Covid-19 on mental health

Andy Bell, deputy chief executive at the Centre for Mental Health, and Marsha McAdam, mental health advocate and peer ambassador for the Centre, discuss the impact of the pandemic on mental health, how people’s mental health needs should be met going forward, and the importance of taking this opportunity to ensure people receive the support they need as the lasting impact on mental health becomes clear.

24: Covid-19 in Scotland

Craig Marriott, deputy director of finance at NHS Lothian and HFMA Scotland branch chair, discusses the impact and response to Covid-19 in Scotland, highlighting some differences compared to the rest of the UK. He also talks about the challenges and opportunities presented to finance staff across the organisation as a result of the pandemic.

23: Covid-19 in Northern Ireland

Maureen Edwards, director of finance, estates and capital planning at Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, provides local insight into how healthcare services within Northern Ireland have been impacted by Covid-19, as well as discussing the varied challenges that her trust - as a provider of the full range of health and social care services - faced in tackling the pandemic.

22: Covid-19: a view from Hertfordshire

David Bacon, director of finance at Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust, gives a local perspective on Covid-19. He discusses the impact on community services across the county, as well as how finance teams are re-examining processes as the new business as usual model is developed.

21: The impact of Covid-19 on primary care

Professor James Kingsland, general practitioner, honorary professor at the University of Central Lancashire, and a founding member of the National Association of Primary Care, discusses the impact of Covid-19 on primary care and how the workforce have adapted to manage the response. He also talks about the role of primary care networks and uses his experience of disaster medicine to consider how the NHS will recover from the pandemic.

20: A clinical perspective on the impact of Covid-19 (2 June 2020)

As services begin to resume across the NHS, Sanjay Agrawal, consultant in respiratory medicine and intensive care at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, gives his latest insight into the ever-present threat of Covid-19, how hospital services must change as a consequence of the pandemic, and the differences that patients are likely to see when they visit hospital.

19: Auditing the 2019/20 annual accounts during Covid-19     

Debbie Paterson, policy and technical manager at the HFMA and Mark Stocks, head of public sector assurance at Grant Thornton, talk about adjustments that have been made to the audit of the 2019/20 annual accounts as a result of the pandemic, both within the accounts, and to the auditing process itself. Debbie and Mark also discuss issues that have arisen to the audit process so far, as well as changes already being planned for next year’s audits.

Note: This podcast was recorded before NHSE&I's Statement to support provider and commissioner forecasting was published on 27 May 2020.