In the zone

by Caroline Clarke

07 May 2020

Zoning emergency and elective care – and broader services – will be key to getting the right infection control standards in place

This week we’ve been trying to work out what it would take to hit the very best infection control standards across our system. We’ve started in the hospital sector, where we’ll need to make some massive changes to properly zone our emergency and elective sites.

The costs are potentially mind boggling.  And then we need to really consider how we do the same for mental health, primary and community services, and for social care. This is massive, but so important to get the management of infection right for future generations, but not to make so many enormous changes that nothing gets done.

As ever, it is going to be a case of priorities, and some tough local decision making. And a new contract with the public.

I can’t help feeling sorry for the chancellor. He’s only been in the job 10 minutes, and the advice he gives and the decisions he makes now will be seen from space!

In fact, I don’t envy the politicians in general. They need to get the balance right between re-funding the NHS and care system and rectifying the various backlogs that now exist (backlog waiting lists, backlog maintenance, backlog staff leave...) versus getting the economy back on the road (other backlogs – sporting events, arts and media, every industry you can think of needs a hand).

The whole thing is mind-blowingly hard. I’m so so glad I’m not a politician.

Happy bank holiday everyone. This bank holiday feels different where I am to the last Easter holiday, where we were in full surge mode. I’m looking forward to being thrashed at mini pool by my 10-year old again.