Andrew Bone
More data needed to understand virtual benefits
by Andrew Bone
04 May 2022

Video consultations are here to stay, bringing benefits for patients and clinicians. But there is still some way to go to understand the financial impact.

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Lisa Robertson
Year-end audit: targeting a smooth operation
by Lisa Robertson
28 April 2022

Finance teams can only breathe a very short sigh of relief, after pulling together another year’s set of financial statements, as they move swiftly onto the year-end audit. For many, this year is set to be another challenging audit cycle, with tight timelines and often complex issues to resolve.

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Terry Whittle
Bolder response needed to innovation
by Terry Whittle
21 April 2022

NHS finance teams have a role to play in creating the right environment for innovation, but changes in the national framework and processes would help too.

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Suzi Joberns and Lee Outhwaite
Fixing the capital regime
by Suzi Joberns and Lee Outhwaite
11 April 2022

Despite changes to the capital regime in the NHS, further refinements are needed centrally and in local organisations to ensure the NHS has the right infrastructure to support elective recovery.

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Steve Brown
Population health – one step backwards
by Steve Brown
06 April 2022

The spring statement’s failure to increase benefits in line with inflation undermines calls to focus on population health

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Billy Palmer
The nursing target and the case for international recruitment
by Billy Palmer
29 March 2022

The government’s 2019 manifesto included an ambitious target to increase the number of nurses in the NHS by 50,000 by March 2024, but are they on track to meet this goal?

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Owen Harkin
Twin challenges
by Owen Harkin
11 March 2022

As NHS learns to live with Covid-19, it faces a renewed push on efficiency and integration.

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Paul Sheldon
Driving efficiency across systems
by Paul Sheldon
02 March 2022

Exploring the costs of care across whole patient pathways could provide opportunities to deliver real savings across systems.

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