Katy Nex
How social investment can support NHS recovery
by Katy Nex
11 May 2021

Social impact bonds provide a way of funding contracts to deliver improved outcomes, with payment linked to achieving results.

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Lee Outhwaite
System clarity
by Lee Outhwaite
05 May 2021

The creation of integrated care systems is about more than moving functions from existing bodies to new ones. There will be major changes to roles and the way services are designed and run. More discussion is needed about these changes.

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Lisa Robertson
Are you ready for the year-end audit?
by Lisa Robertson
28 April 2021

This year's audit of financial statements will feel strange to anyone used to the annual process. It has been a year like no other and that will be reflected in the accounts and the audit. Temporary financial regimes, centrally funded protective clothing, lost income and accruals for unprecedented levels of untaken holiday are key features. But, while the context may be unique, the fundamentals of a smooth audit remain the same as always.

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Emma Knowles
Clarity needed on ICS governance
by Emma Knowles
23 April 2021

Integrated care is not delivered by boards. It happens around the patient and at service level. But governance structures are important in creating the right environment in which integrated care can be provided. And it may be an obvious point, but a new focus on population health will only work if there is enough funding for health and social care.

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John Williams
Financial green light
by John Williams
14 April 2021

Those of us working in healthcare, who care about reducing health inequalities and providing a sustainable environment for our children to build upon in generations to come, can help to deliver urgently needed action. And the finance community needs to be at the heart of this agenda.

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Caroline Clarke
A new year
by Caroline Clarke
09 April 2021

The NHS is in a different position at the start of the new financial year, and faces further challenges

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Steve Connor
The NED role in integration
by Steve Connor
30 March 2021

The government’s white paper on integration is relatively quiet about the make-up of boards within new integrated care systems. But non-executive directors should play a big part in new governance arrangements.

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Bill Shields
Bermuda shorts 22: light at the end of the tunnel
by Bill Shields
24 March 2021

Bermuda has fared relatively well during the pandemic, but it faces major economic repercussions that will also impact on its health service, reports Bermuda Hospitals Board’s chief financial officer in his latest blog update.

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