Bill Shields
Bermuda shorts 17: going bananas!
by Bill Shields
06 April 2020

Bermuda Hospitals Board reflects on self-quarantine and the territory’s procurement and staffing challenges in the face of Covid-19

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Mark Knight
Keeping the network running
by Mark Knight
03 April 2020

The HFMA will continue to support the NHS finance function in this crucial time and ensure that people stay connected

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Caroline Clarke
A changed world
by Caroline Clarke
27 March 2020

Clinicians are the frontline of virus response, but there is big ask of finance teams too

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Emma Knowles
Responding to Covid-19
by Emma Knowles
20 March 2020

NHS finance staff have a major role in supporting the frontline clinical response to the coronavirus outbreak

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Craig Marriott
HFMA Scotland: what type of branch do we want to be?
by Craig Marriott
11 March 2020

What do finance professionals in Scotland want from their HFMA branch?

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Amanda Hughes
The year of personalised care
by Amanda Hughes
03 March 2020

How can commissioners start to make a reality of the commitment to personalised care in contracts for the new year?

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Caroline Clarke
Mixed response
by Caroline Clarke
28 February 2020

Reaction to the planning guidance for 2020/21 will depend on local context

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Lisa Robertson
Year-end: non-executives’ critical role
by Lisa Robertson
21 February 2020

Are non-executive directors and lay members ready for the year-end annual report and accounts process?

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