Mark Knight
Learning from the DSRIP nation
by Mark Knight
15 February 2018

New York State is in the middle of a fundamental restructuring of its Medicaid healthcare delivery system, with a new incentive system linking payments to predefined results. HFMA UK was invited to send a delegation to a recent update event

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Mark Orchard
In a word
by Mark Orchard
09 February 2018

Joint NHS England and NHS Improvement refreshed planning guidance for 2018/19 was released last Friday, with supplemental organisation specific control total letters arriving earlier this week for both the commissioner and provider sectors. How does this look from the perspective of one of the health economies working towards an integrated care system?

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Alex Gild
Credit where credit’s due
by Alex Gild
01 February 2018

Let’s recognise the efforts of NHS staff in meeting winter pressures with increased commitment

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Bill Shields
Bermuda shorts 5 – Lost in the triangle
by Bill Shields
25 January 2018

After a trip back to the UK for the HFMA annual conference, Bermuda Hospitals Board chief finance officer Bill Shields offers his insights on how different health systems are squaring up to similar financial and service pressures.

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Robert White
The new normal?
by Robert White
23 January 2018

Despite an overall improvement in the NHS financial position in 2016/17, the National Audit Office’s latest report finds that the NHS is still not seeing the level of financial stability expected and needed

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Sandra Easton
The green shoots of recovery
by Sandra Easton
19 January 2018

Is your organisation making progress with the environmental sustainability agenda? Or have environmental issues taken a back seat to the real financial and service performance pressures facing the NHS?

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Emma Knowles
The continued importance of efficiency
by Emma Knowles
12 January 2018

Calls for increased NHS funding are growing louder – and are hard to argue against. But even if new funds are made available, the NHS will need to push even harder on efficiency.

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Steve Brown
NHS needs to get up to speed with apprenticeship levy
by Steve Brown
05 January 2018

The apprenticeship levy has lots of worthwhile ambitions, but from the health service’s perspective it is hard not to see it simply as an additional cost burden in 2017/18.

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