Sanjay Agrawal
Prevention opportunity
by Sanjay Agrawal
21 July 2021

There has been lots of talk about the benefits of prevention, but new funding offers a chance to put it into practice.

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Patrick Mitchell
Finance staff: raising digital awareness
by Patrick Mitchell
13 July 2021

Finance professionals are key to the digital transformation agenda and need a good understanding of what digital healthcare can deliver.

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Wes Baker
Thinking differently about neurodiversity
by Wes Baker
07 July 2021

Does the NHS do enough to get the most out of the X-powers of the neurodiverse community?

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Claire Yarwood
Time to focus on ICS priorities
by Claire Yarwood
15 June 2021

While there is no single model for integrated care systems, finance leaders have common priorities that need to be addressed to get the systems up and running and focused on delivering the best outcomes for their populations.

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Caroline Clarke
Discharge duty
by Caroline Clarke
28 May 2021

The success of discharge funding makes a good case for recurrent support

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Catherine Mitchell
Delivering value with digital
by Catherine Mitchell
18 May 2021

How can NHS finance take an active role in supporting the use of digital healthcare to transform services and drive value and efficiency?

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Sarah Day
Staying aware
by Sarah Day
13 May 2021

Covid-19 has put mental health services under the spotlight, dramatically increasing demand for services while also making more people aware of the challenges facing individuals and the pressure on existing services. Mental Health Awareness week provides an opportunity to reflect on the challenges ahead and also to self-check our own wellbeing.

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Katy Nex
How social investment can support NHS recovery
by Katy Nex
11 May 2021

Social impact bonds provide a way of funding contracts to deliver improved outcomes, with payment linked to achieving results.

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