Seamus Ward
HFMA summer conference: transformation in five steps
by Seamus Ward
11 July 2019

NHS finance function faces five challenges in delivering long-term plan

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Karl Simkins
System thinking: addressing the key financial issues
by Karl Simkins
02 July 2019

Finance professionals face some specific challenges in meeting system challenge

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Bill Gregory
Prioritising prevention
by Bill Gregory
28 June 2019

Health systems across the world are trying to shift the focus onto prevention

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Professor Matthew Cripps
Data holds key to system value
by Professor Matthew Cripps
20 June 2019

Data can help throughout the process of improving value – showing where to look, monitoring progress and evaluation.

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Sarah Dowbekin
The governance of collaboration
by Sarah Dowbekin
13 June 2019

Working together is key to delivering assurance across increasingly integrated systems

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Lee Rowlands
Payment systems: supporting the next step
by Lee Rowlands
12 June 2019

The national tariff payment system is evolving and finance professionals need to continue to shape proposed mechanisms to ensure they support the right outcomes

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Bill Shields
Bermuda shorts 13: hurricane season
by Bill Shields
06 June 2019

Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Bill Shields contemplates the early arrival of the storm season and introduction of a new healthcare funding model

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Derek Lindsay
Scotland needs faster pace on whole system working
by Derek Lindsay
05 June 2019

Scottish finance teams must rise to challenge of supporting whole system collaborative working

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