Alex Gild
Unlocking potential of all
by Alex Gild
25 April 2018

We need to do more than make progress on equality and diversity

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Lisa Robertson
Ethically speaking
by Lisa Robertson
20 April 2018

Ethical responsibility is at the heart of the accountant's role and integral to governance and accountability in the NHS. A new HFMA briefing reminds finance staff and other stakeholders of these responsibilities.

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Debbie Paterson
Subsidiaries: getting to grips with the detail
by Debbie Paterson
13 April 2018

Health economies are showing increasing interest in using wholly-owned subsidiaries to deliver services such as estates and facilities management and outpatient pharmacy. But this takes some finance teams outside their comfort zones.

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Catherine Mitchell
Further push needed to deliver costing potential
by Catherine Mitchell
05 April 2018

There has been some major progress in recent years with NHS costing as the service moves towards using a common approach to costing at the patient level. But there is still a huge amount to be done to realise costing’s full potential.

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Alex Gild
Lean food for thought
by Alex Gild
29 March 2018

Integrating care is the right response to the NHS’s challenges, but we also need evidenced approaches that assure operational efficiency, reduce waste and drive continuous improvement in safety and quality.

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Bill Shields
Bermuda shorts 6: Flying a kite
by Bill Shields
27 March 2018

Having experienced his first Bermuda winter storm, Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Bill Shields looks ahead to a challenge of a different kind – moving to a relative value unit approach for outpatient reimbursement

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Mark Knight
Horizon scanning
by Mark Knight
22 March 2018

As the NHS approaches its 70th birthday, the HFMA plans to look ahead 30 years to examine how the service can meet the challenges presented by demographic change and harness the benefits of advances in technology

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Richard Humphries
The implications of integrated care
by Richard Humphries
20 March 2018

Accountable care is the latest health policy buzz phrase. As a supposed expert in health and social care, it’s hard to track the changing vocabulary of sustainability and transformation plans/partnerships, accountable care systems, organisations and most recently integrated care systems. For non-executive directors (NEDs), who hail from a range of backgrounds often outside of the NHS, keeping up can be even harder.

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