Ros Preen
A sense of community
by Ros Preen
21 March 2019

A better understanding is needed of the impact community services can have, but there are already examples of improvements for patients and the service as a whole

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Sandra Easton
Sustainability – wider than finance
by Sandra Easton
14 March 2019

Finance practitioners need to be more aware of work to deliver services that are sustainable for the long-term

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Sarah Day
Integration – learning the lessons
by Sarah Day
08 March 2019

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been pursuing closer working between health and social care for years. So, what can England learn from their experience?

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Bill Gregory
Business and value
by Bill Gregory
28 February 2019

Finance teams are focused on the year-end, but they must also make progress with the value agenda

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Sarah Day
Clarity needed on assessment of mental health priorities
by Sarah Day
22 February 2019

More guidance needed on how to effectively measure mental health investment

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Emma Knowles
Huge potential in dual roles
by Emma Knowles
14 February 2019

Dual role chief finance officers working across the NHS and local government could have major impact

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Steve Brown
Long-term plan: a financial perspective
by Steve Brown
08 February 2019

Finance teams face major challenges in supporting the delivery of the long-term plan

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Bill Shields
Bermuda shorts 11: a winter’s tale
by Bill Shields
07 February 2019

Snow may be almost unheard of in Bermuda, but the island’s hospitals board’s Bill Shields says NHS-style winter pressures are becoming all too familiar. Read his latest blog

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