Mark Orchard
Don't stop believing
by Mark Orchard
01 December 2017

Together, let’s aim to achieve what at times may again feel impossible.

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Emma Knowles
Difficult decisions ahead
by Emma Knowles
24 November 2017

This week’s Budget was a mixed blessing. On one hand the increased funding for the NHS was more than had been expected. On the other hand, the amounts promised are not sufficient to solve the financial challenges facing the NHS. Difficult decisions will have to be made about what can be delivered within the funding available.

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Bill Shields
Bermuda shorts 4: Dark and stormy
by Bill Shields
20 November 2017

Bermuda is accustomed to hurricanes, but storm clouds are also gathering around its health service. Bill Shields, the territory’s hospital board chief finance officer, continues his regular blog with a look at the need to reform the payment system to support an increase in day case care.

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Debbie Paterson
Checklist for reorganisation
by Debbie Paterson
17 November 2017

In an era of system working and partnership, mergers have taken a back seat. But formal restructuring is still a live issue in some areas and there is practical help available to support finance teams.

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Mark Orchard
Leaning into the future
by Mark Orchard
03 November 2017

We need to deliver for today and tomorrow in equal measure.

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Steve Brown
Squaring up to the time pressure
by Steve Brown
27 October 2017

As if the short term must-dos around quality, access and finance aren’t enough, the NHS needs to invest time in future sustainability.

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Lisa Robertson
Tackling the system governance challenge
by Lisa Robertson
20 October 2017

Governance is poorly understood, but it is vital to securing good decisions and best outcomes, as well as avoiding problems.

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Mark Orchard
Under pressure
by Mark Orchard
12 October 2017

Financial reporting must reflect the real financial position and the challenges facing NHS bodies.

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