Sanjay Agrawal
Levelling up: down to business
by Sanjay Agrawal
16 September 2021

Addressing health inequalities is not only the right thing to do but may help to deliver value within the NHS and across society in general. And NHS finance practitioners need to be involved.

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Paula Monteith
Data quality: it’s about way more than payment systems
by Paula Monteith
07 September 2021

Let’s face it, the NHS is in the middle of huge change. Change in clinical practice and healthcare provision, driven by necessity. Change in legislation driven by policy. And change in the provider/commissioner landscape. Those of us who have been around forever have seen ‘similar’ before, but not to this extent. So why is data still important?

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Catherine Mitchell
Getting costing back on track
by Catherine Mitchell
01 September 2021

The goal of establishing comprehensive patient-level costs to a common standard across the NHS remains the right one. But the costing programme needs to be reset.

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Caroline Clarke
Under pressure
by Caroline Clarke
27 August 2021

The country may be talking about the return to normality, with night clubs, music venues and restaurants now in full swing. But in the NHS we face a new normality with Covid-19 treatment now part of business-as-usual.

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Lisa Robertson
Driving environmental sustainability – where to start?
by Lisa Robertson
24 August 2021

‘Urgent action is needed to address climate change or the world will soon face catastrophe’. This warning from Alok Sharma, UK climate minister is echoed in the recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Yet, the report makes clear that there is still time to act.

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Bill Shields
Bermuda Shorts 23: not coming home yet
by Bill Shields
11 August 2021

Bermuda Hospital Board's chief financial officer Bill Shields gets a first-hand view of the differences in Covid response between the territory and England

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Debbie Paterson
Year-end stocktake
by Debbie Paterson
26 July 2021

‘It’s been a difficult year’, ‘these unusual times’, ‘unlike any other’ – phrases that we have heard again and again this year. And they can be applied to the preparation and audit of the 2020/21 annual report and accounts.

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Sanjay Agrawal
Prevention opportunity
by Sanjay Agrawal
21 July 2021

There has been lots of talk about the benefits of prevention, but new funding offers a chance to put it into practice.

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