Emma Knowles
Leading questions
by Emma Knowles
20 July 2018

Worrying vacancy rates among NHS directors need to be addressed

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Steve Brown
Convergence 2.0: lessons in integration
by Steve Brown
12 July 2018

Trust is paramount in system working and new payment systems may be important, but not yet, according to presentations at the HFMA Convergence 2.0 conference.

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Tony Whitfield
Preparing for a changing health service
by Tony Whitfield
06 July 2018

Former HFMA president Tony Whitfield discusses the importance of learning from the past and the development of lifestyle incentives

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Caroline Clarke
Embracing future technology
by Caroline Clarke
05 July 2018

Foundation trust chief finance officer Caroline Clarke discusses the issues that finance professionals must address if the health service is to take advantage of advancing technologies.

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Rob Whiteman
A transforming role for finance
by Rob Whiteman
04 July 2018

CIPFA chief executive Rob Whiteman explores how the role of the NHS finance professional will change over the next 30 years – and what will stay the same.

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Sanjay Agrawal
Changing the balance of responsibility
by Sanjay Agrawal
03 July 2018

Respiratory consultant Sanjay Agrawal discusses how changing lifestyles are likely to impact on the health service and the different roles for the individual and the state in improving public health.

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Anita Charlesworth
Workforce key to meeting demographic challenge
by Anita Charlesworth
02 July 2018

Anita Charlesworth discusses the demographic changes facing the NHS over the coming decades and the continuing battle to increase not only life expectancy, but healthy life expectancy.

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Catherine Mitchell
Addressing the costing staff deficit
by Catherine Mitchell
27 June 2018

Robust, patient-level costing data is fundamental to delivering value in the NHS but we need to ensure costing teams are properly resourced.

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