Debbie Paterson
Easing the part-year accounts headache
by Debbie Paterson
25 January 2022

The delayed introduction of integrated care boards will create accounting challenges. Early identification of the issues and sharing solutions will be the key to a smooth process.

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Mark Knight
Expansion pack
by Mark Knight
20 January 2022

The HFMA is expanding by offering free membership to finance staff in bands 2 to 6, making it more representative of the whole finance function.

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Steve Brown
New payment system presents opportunities and challenges
by Steve Brown
14 January 2022

The aligned payment and incentive system will provide a single framework for secondary care financial flows, but the real test will be if it encourages system working

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Peter Sheppard
Constant vigilance
by Peter Sheppard
06 January 2022

The cyber threat has evolved since the Wannacry attack just over four years ago. Incidents have increased in number and sophistication, but what should healthcare bodies be doing to protect themselves from the risks?

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Daniel Revell Ward
Taking the lead in digital health technologies
by Daniel Revell Ward
15 December 2021

There are four key areas the NHS must prioritise if it wants to maximise the potential of digital health technologies to transform healthcare.

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Owen Harkin
Coming together
by Owen Harkin
10 December 2021

New HFMA president Owen Harkin says the UK nations have much to learn from each other.

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Nicci Briggs
Accounting for digital investment
by Nicci Briggs
01 December 2021

Digital technology offers huge potential to transform how health services are provided, but it raises important questions about how a project is being funded and how it should be accounted for.

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Tarryn Lake
Better Care Fund: overcoming the barriers
by Tarryn Lake
30 November 2021

The Better Care Fund is not perfect, but local experience suggests it does support better working together and more integrated care.

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