Mark Knight
A family affair
by Mark Knight
24 September 2020

We can’t run our annual conference in the usual way this year. Instead we will be running a virtual event spread across 12 days from 30 November to 11 December. And I can guarantee that our online festival of learning will be special, packed with content and give the opportunity for far more of the NHS finance community to attend and take part.

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Sandra Easton
Mirror, mirror
by Sandra Easton
17 September 2020

The biennial finance staff census provides a view of how the finance function looks right now – underlining areas such as diversity where improvements are needed – and a baseline against which to measure future changes.

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Caroline Clarke
Back to school
by Caroline Clarke
11 September 2020

Addressing public anxiety is part of the recovery challenge facing the NHS

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Catherine Mitchell
Creating intelligence for improving value across a system
by Catherine Mitchell
02 September 2020

How do we best allocate resources across a health and care system to improve population health? Most would agree this is a key challenge facing the NHS, but creating the necessary intelligence for value-based decision making is not straightforward.

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Catherine Mitchell
Improving financial and clinical collaboration
by Catherine Mitchell
27 August 2020

It’s time to turn the spotlight back onto the value agenda as the NHS begins to restore its services

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Debbie Paterson
Covid shifts the focus for NHS charities
by Debbie Paterson
20 August 2020

Coronavirus has led NHS charities to move from being predominantly fundraising bodies to ones that receive and distribute donations from a grateful public. But they need support and guidance to fulfil this changing role

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Sarah Day
The value of community services
by Sarah Day
13 August 2020

NHS community services have played a key role in the overall NHS response to Covid-19. At the very early stages of the pandemic, community services trusts and providers were asked to support the rapid discharge of patients from acute settings as beds were emptied in anticipation of increasing Covid-19 cases.

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Michael Wood
Realising the economic value of the NHS post-Covid
by Michael Wood
12 August 2020

For a brand that launched an Olympics, is the biggest employer in Europe and has been compared to a religion, the NHS has historically been rather shy when talking about its own economic might. As we move from a health crisis into a health recession, it is vital for the wider health of the UK’s economy that we become braver about our impact and our responsibility.

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