Mark Orchard
Under pressure
by Mark Orchard
12 October 2017

Financial reporting must reflect the real financial position and the challenges facing NHS bodies

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Catherine Mitchell
The value in getting together
by Catherine Mitchell
06 October 2017

This week’s HFMA international symposium demonstrated that value-based healthcare is already a practical solution to current healthcare challenges.

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Lisa Robertson
Carter: recipe for success
by Lisa Robertson
28 July 2017

Lord Carter’s report on productivity in acute hospitals provides the platform for individual trusts to understand and act on unwarranted variation across a range of activities. To make a difference, the challenge now is for finance leaders and clinicians to work together to explore the information and create effective solutions.

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Jason Helgerson
Tower Hamlets’ common ground with New York
by Jason Helgerson
04 October 2017

Organisations need to trust each other if they are going to collaborate. And collaboration is the key to system working and better outcomes.

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Steve Brown
No magic solution
by Steve Brown
29 September 2017

Transformation is not just about bridging a financial gap. It is about meeting rising demand in a more proactive and sustainable way, providing support at the best point in the pathway to deliver the best outcomes. So we need to think about the amount of funding and time needed to give it the best chance of success.

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Emma Knowles
Time to hear the finance voice
by Emma Knowles
22 September 2017

Lots of media space and time is dedicated to NHS staffing issues. Is pay at the right level? Are work pressures increasing? And what is the overall impact on morale and levels of job satisfaction? Almost exclusively the attention is on front line staff – but finance staff face many of the same pressures and challenges.

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Julia Heberle
A key ally in the costing revolution
by Julia Heberle
18 September 2017

Julia Heberle looks at how internal audit can help organisations ensure their patient-level cost data is robust enough to inform good decision making. Julia and her colleagues Alfa D’Amato and Susan Dunn are speaking at the Healthcare Costing for Value Institute International symposium on 4 October in London.

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Steve Brown
Sense of direction on efficiency
by Steve Brown
15 September 2017

NHS bodies need to pursue efficiency on multiple fronts and they need help in understanding the opportunities and support that are already available.

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