Caroline Clarke
Painting by numbers
by Caroline Clarke
26 February 2021

Annual accounts offer an opportunity to tell the tale of a pandemic in the financials.

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Catherine Mitchell
Start with the data
by Catherine Mitchell
24 February 2021

What do system leaders need to support the delivery of high-quality sustainable healthcare across their local population? An important part of the answer is good-quality data.

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Sarah Day
Investing in dignity
by Sarah Day
12 February 2021

Proposed changes to mental health legislation aim to put patients at the centre of decisions about their care and ensure they are treated with dignity. But these sentiments will need to be backed up with appropriate funding.

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Mark Dayan
Understanding the effect of Brexit on health
by Mark Dayan
05 February 2021

On 1 January 2020, the UK’s exit from the EU legal order brought about the biggest legislative and constitutional change for decades. With a pandemic raging, this can feel like an abstract concern. But a noticeable impact at the frontline and on the balance sheet will emerge in time.

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Debbie Paterson
Audit lessons: time to focus on more than the bottom line
by Debbie Paterson
03 February 2021

This year’s audit report on the Department of Health and Social Care’s accounts covers five very different issues. Some of these are one-off in nature, but others could have an ongoing impact.

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Simon Worthington
One NHS Finance – moving to the next stage
by Simon Worthington
27 January 2021

The finance community’s engagement with One NHS Finance was phenomenal, with three main themes emerging on how to meet the challenges facing the finance function. Over the next two weeks, finance staff are being asked for their views on how the work programme should be developed.

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Bill Shields
Bermuda Shorts 21: 2020 hindsight
by Bill Shields
18 January 2021

Bermuda Hospitals Board’s chief financial officer reflects on a difficult nine months for all health systems and looks ahead to the immediate and longer-term challenges in 2021

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Mark Knight
Support now and in the future
by Mark Knight
14 January 2021

The country should be proud of the whole NHS community – both those on the frontline and in support roles – for its response to the Covid-19 pandemic. All NHS staff deserve the country’s and the government’s on-going support, but we also need to ensure the service is better prepared and properly funded for future challenges.

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