Sarah Bence
Taking the broader view on mental health
by Sarah Bence
21 June 2017

We need to look beyond the investment standard for mental health services

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Bill Shields
Bermuda shorts 1: the heat is on
by Bill Shields
14 June 2017

My first month in Bermuda was fascinating both from a personal and professional perspective.

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Mark Orchard
Value: a practical test
by Mark Orchard
07 June 2017

How can the NHS harness the power of clinicians and accountants to deliver value?

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Mark Orchard
NHS 70-100: a new hope
by Mark Orchard
01 June 2017

Beyond this election, public choices may be needed as part of 30-year forward view

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Chris Ham
Moving to accountable care
by Chris Ham
22 May 2017

Accountable care organisations are likely to mean different things in different areas and face technical and relational challenges – and finance staff have a major role in their development

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Duncan Watson
NHS funding and the general election
by Duncan Watson
11 May 2017

NHS funding is a key area of debate in the current general election campaign; but exactly what is up for discussion, and how might this affect local health economies?

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Mark Orchard
by Mark Orchard
04 May 2017

Guardians of the money need to become gladiators of change

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Paul Briddock
A step towards a more long-term view
by Paul Briddock
07 April 2017

What struck me about the report by the Lords Select Committee on Sustainability in the NHS was the level of agreement it highlighted among those giving evidence – including the HFMA.

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