Caroline Clarke
Moving beyond the ennui
by Caroline Clarke
27 November 2020

There may be a general malaise around Covid, but there is blue sky on the horizon

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Suzanne Robinson and David Chandler
Delivering a more effective mental health investment standard
by Suzanne Robinson and David Chandler
20 November 2020

The mental health investment standard (MHIS) aims to drive commissioners’ investment in mental health services at a faster rate than their overall increase in allocation. But it is an issue that frequently divides local health economies, where ‘commissioners just don’t understand’ and ‘providers just don’t get it’.

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Ian Moston
Diversity: to understand there’s a problem you have to listen
by Ian Moston
04 November 2020

I’ve been a director for over 15 years, been part of some of the best run organisations in the NHS and have, until recently, considered myself successful at building and developing great teams and nurturing talent. But answering an interview question on equality and diversity barriers, and what I have done to make the organisation more inclusive, has made me think differently.

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 Tolulope Olufowora
​Mentoring: moving beyond the brick wall
by Tolulope Olufowora
29 October 2020

Sometimes you need a helping hand or a different perspective to see past current career obstacles and finding a mentor can be a good first step

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Emma Knowles
What to do about external audit in the NHS?
by Emma Knowles
28 October 2020

All is not well in the world of local public sector audit. Those NHS organisations that have not tried to appoint new external auditors recently may be blissfully unaware of the issues that are unfolding and which look likely to get worse before they get better.

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Chris Sands
Community services: building on collaboration
by Chris Sands
21 October 2020

The key lesson from the last six months has been the importance of working together.

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Kim Croasdale
Delivering a net zero carbon NHS
by Kim Croasdale
15 October 2020

Earlier this month the NHS became the world’s first national health service to commit to reach net zero carbon. Most would agree that this is an incredibly challenging target but one we must meet, and the NHS can lead the way.

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Bill Shields
Bermuda Shorts 20: my new normal
by Bill Shields
12 October 2020

Bermuda Hospitals Board's chief financial officer gets an inside view of frontline patient care and reflects on the economic impact of the Covid-19 virus on the islands and local health services.

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