Oxehealth is an Oxford university established company. We partner with Mental Health Trusts to provide outstanding inpatient care. We deploy clinically validated “digital care assistants” into inpatient wards to reduce safety risks and improve patient experience.

We use optical sensors to detect activity and vital signs in patient bedrooms, enabling staff to:   
-          Confirm patients are safe without disturbing or waking them during night observations
-          Be alerted to high-risk activity related to falls, ligatures and self-harm risks
-          Improve adherence to physical health monitoring

Recently, Coventry & Warwickshire published a report on the benefits in Older Adult services: falls reduced by a third at the same time as enhanced observations reducing by 71% - a clinical time saving of 7,800 hours per year for a 24-bed hospital.

Oxehealth is working with 17% of England’s Mental Health Trusts, and has been highlighted by CQC as an example of outstanding practice.

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