At a time when the NHS is facing enormous financial challenges, it is important to investigate every avenue of income generation and cost saving.

NHS Fleet Solutions provides NHS Organisations with a fantastic opportunity to raise substantial recurring annual income whilst at the same time providing a class leading benefit to their staff.

Our Staff Benefit Lease Car Scheme provides NHS staff with the opportunity to lease a car of their choice, fully insured, taxed and with a full maintenance package at price that simply cannot be bettered elsewhere. Through the use of “Salary Sacrifice” the employing NHS Organisation makes substantial recurring income on each car taken resulting in a recruitment and retention tool that generates substantial income.

Our scheme is currently being taken up by 2-3 Trusts a month and the average Trust with 5000 staff are on target earnings as profiled below:

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
£60,000 £120,000 £180,000 £240,000 £300,000

Our Scheme requires no capital expenditure and is fully administered on behalf of your organisation by NHS Fleet Solutions. 

For further details please contact David Hanson on 0191 2031515 or email David.hanson@nhct.nhs.uk  


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