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IQVIA provides solutions to over 160 NHS organisations.

Our market leading solutions are ideal for organisations looking to collaborate with others, be it our new Healthcare Optimisation Benchmarking solution that has received plaudits from users or our famous 100% CTP compliant PLICS solution used by over 68 Trusts with easy to use data loading capability along with superb dashboards for clinicians, executives and finance.

Importantly for all healthcare systems is the need identify and look after “complex” patients. Our EPS analytical solutions, Engage and Impact, are ideal tools for Trusts & STPs looking to drive informed decision making and using predictive analytics to identify improvements for better care provision.

Our market leading online patient experience solution used at 60 Trusts enables you to get real time feedback from your patients on how they are feeling about the care they receive.

We are well placed to provide you combined expertise and capabilities no other single organisation can offer.  Get in touch if you want to hear more and sign up for a free review and see how you can start to realise several £Ms of improvements while improving the care provided.  See for more details.

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